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Increase Brand Loyalty

As a powerful driver of sales and profitability, we explore the crucial issue of brand loyalty: what it is, why it matters and how to build it for your brand. 
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Brand loyalty is fundamental for every business. It refers to a customer’s long-term commitment to a particular brand, resulting in repeat purchases and brand recommendations. Companies that score highly on brand loyalty are primed for success. Not only do they grow revenues faster than their competitors, but they also deliver higher profits. Building brand loyalty is no easy task in today’s competitive landscape. However, once you’ve created that emotional connection with your customer, you’ll reap the rewards - boosted sales, customer retention, and influential word-of-mouth advertising. 

What do we cover on this page:

  • What is brand loyalty? Creating trust, shared values, and positive experiences
  • Why does it matter? A customer base of enthusiasts, advocates and supporters
  • How do we build it? Bespoke solutions for positive brand experiences
  • Blog Insight: Why excellent customer service is key
  • Blog Insight: Why update your customer experience strategy
Section 1

What is brand loyalty?

How attached is your customer to your brand? True brand loyalty exists when a customer consistently chooses your specific brand over all other options on offer. And once you have a loyal customer, they’re likely to stay loyal. Brand-loyal customers are far less likely to switch over to a competitor. They’ll also deliver extra sales on top, often promoting your brand amongst their connections with the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. 

An emotional connection

The beauty of brand loyalty is that it’s perception-based. It’s about trust, shared values, and positive experiences. Brand loyalty is defined by the level of love and dedication customers have to a particular brand. It’s an emotional connection. Brand-loyal customers believe that your brand offers the best quality, the best service, and the best results. Therefore, price is not a factor. They won’t be swayed by lower prices or discounted offers. They’ll buy regardless of price or convenience. 

"Brand loyalty is an emotional connection with the customer"

Brand loyalty vs customer loyalty

Is it brand loyalty or customer loyalty you’re aiming for? They’re similar concepts but notably different. While brand loyalty is centred on allegiance to the brand itself, customer loyalty is more transactional and price-orientated in nature. Customer loyalty requires low prices and regular discounts to maintain the relationship. However, brand loyalty is built when a customer has repeated positive experiences with the brand. And then there’s brand affinity, when consumers tie their identity to a brand. With an emotional connection this strong, they’ll buy whether they need the product or not.

What influences brand loyalty?

First and foremost, you need to offer high-quality products. If you can consistently offer unbeatable quality, you’ll create a dedicated following. Exceptional customer service is a must-have too. Ensuring your customers always receive first-class treatment will set you apart from your competitors in a crowded market. Brand loyalty is also built by delivering an exceptional customer experience, creating a positive brand reputation and creating a set of shared values. 

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Blog Insight

Why customer service is key

The customer experience has overtaken price and product as the key brand differentiator. So it’s vital for companies to consider how poor customer service is affecting their bottom line now and in the future.

This blog explores the price of poor customer service and customer satisfaction, how to identify where it went wrong, and how to improve. 
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Section 2

Why brand loyalty matters

Brand loyalty is a powerful force. It goes beyond customers simply recognising your brand on shelf. Brand-loyal customers are committed to buying exclusively from you. It’s about creating a positive, and highly profitable, relationship with your customer base. 

Building a relationship

Build a relationship with your customers, and you’ll create a legion of brand evangelists who spread positive word of mouth, and never shop anywhere else. Once you’ve created that customer base of enthusiasts and supporters, they’ll stay with you. We may live in a world of short attention spans and fleeting allegiances, but not when it comes to brand loyalty. Many brand-loyal customers turn into lifetime customers. It’s a long-term solution with true staying power. 

"Once you’ve created that customer base of enthusiasts and supporters, they’ll stay with you"

Driving success

A brand-loyal customer base is every company’s most valuable asset. It’s strongly tied to profitability, as for most companies, approximately two-thirds of revenue comes from repeat business with existing clients. Improving customer retention reduces marketing and sales costs. It allows you to build the business. It results in more referrals, more word-of-mouth leads, higher adoption rates and higher customer lifetime value. In short, it’s a powerful driver of success.

Retaining customers

It’s well known that the cost to retain customers is less than the cost to recruit them. And that’s where brand loyalty really stands apart. Not only do existing brand-loyal customers purchase more frequently than new ones, they’re also cheaper to retain. Far less marketing is required to maintain the brand-loyal segment than is required to acquire new customers. 

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Blog Insight

Why update your customer experience strategy?

What can you do today to lead the customer experience transformation? In an increasingly hyper-connected world, consumers demand 24/7 multi-channel support and greater intimacy with brands. Trust, visibility, and immediacy are key.

In this blog, we discuss how integrating flexibility into your overall customer experience strategies will help to develop the relationship between brand and customer.
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Section 3

How we build brand loyalty

We deliver sales, marketing and engagement programmes that build positive, lasting relationships with your customer base. We take a holistic approach. We view customer interactions as one connected life cycle - from brand awareness, through sales conversion and on to brand loyalty and advocacy. And our powerful customer experiences, delivered via our contact centres, build a true connection.

Defining high-value customers

Our data insight is the key to identifying your high-value customers and converting them to loyal brand users. The Liquid methodology enables us to slice channels in unprecedentedly granular ways, including offering segmentation powered by over one billion data points. This approach allows us to target exactly the right customers in exactly the right way. We’ll deliver customised, flexible brand experiences that build lifelong brand loyalty. 

"We’ll deliver customised, flexible brand experiences that build lifelong brand loyalty"

Bespoke solutions for positive brand experiences

We’ll meet your unique brand challenges head-on. By blending our data insight, experienced people and digital solutions, we can create the optimal activation that speaks directly to your customer base. 

Customer experience centres - We connect an audience with your brand on a personal level, ensuring a flawless customer experience that builds true brand advocates.

Customer services outsourcing - Our professional team deliver effortless customer service experiences, ensuring your customers have a 100% positive encounter with the brand. 

Multilingual customer support - CPM’s multilingual specialists provide international customer service support across 45 world languages.

Merchandising - From physical merchandising to ever-evolving digital merchandising, we’re transforming the way your brand is presented to customers.

Live events and experiential - Our live events and marketing experiences are tailored to resonate with your audience, connecting brands with people.

Retailer marketing - Creative commerce campaigns that create connected experiences with your customer base, building brand loyalty that lasts a lifetime. 


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