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Shopt is an app developed by CPM for convenience retailers, it’s free for them to download. And It’s designed to connect brands to those convenience retailers.

The goal is to maximise profitable sales for both the brand & the retailers.

The convenience sector is extremely valuable to manufacturers; it’s growing fast, and has a significant place in the retail market. But it’s a tough channel to engage using traditional field sales teams, because convenience calls are much more expensive than grocery calls. We want to give brands an efficient and regular way to connect with convenience retailers.


Shopt offers brands prime placement to an audience of thousands of convenience retailers. Your products and content, and offers, are constantly available, in a way which is impossible to achieve using field teams. And it’s so cost effective when compared with any other method of engaging with the convenience sector.

The industry reaction to Shopt has been exciting – convenience channel managers have been waiting for someone to come up with a solution to engaging with retailers. We’re now making a huge investment to successfully fill that gap in the market.


Any questions, feel free to email us: hello@shopt.co.uk

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