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Retail innovation

Introducing the CPM Retail Studio

Retail has changed forever

The online sales channel is growing faster than ever, but customers struggle to make considered purchases without experts to guide them. Today, customers prefer to buy key items through a mix of online and in-store. They demand the best of both digital and physical shopping experiences.


The future of retail

With the launch of our new Retail Studio, CPM has developed an exciting new solution for the online customer experience. 

Our aim? To recreate the in-store experience for online customers, whoever they are, wherever they are, whenever they want it.

The result? A live, omnichannel, video solution where every customer online can get face-to-face advice from an expert e-promoter or trainer.

Who have we designed the Retail Studio for?

The CPM Retail Studio has been created to bring all the benefits of the physical shopping experience to your online customers, enhancing commercial value through product demonstration and upselling.

In particular, the studio has been designed for:

  • Businesses and brands with an e-commerce site
  • Businesses selling products that are a considered purchase
  • Businesses with products that require technical training
  • Businesses whose customers require an assisted sale
  • Businesses who need to raise the bar with higher quality meetings and conferences
  • Businesses where personal engagement is not viable instore
  • Businesses where an inspirational and influential experience is key to brand advocacy

Open and ready for business

Our Live Studio is now open and ready for business. We have created a space for live and recorded video engagements, along with live stage events and presentations. In addition, we have built a separate bespoke space for more intimate one-to-one conversations with customers. Our new, innovative technology platform takes customer engagement to the next level.

Suitable for both B2B and B2C businesses, the CPM Retail Studio is staffed with the very best people. We have developed an inspiring and influential talent team, ready to take on your brands and place them in the spotlight. We’re already working with five clients and are seeing fantastic results.


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Introducing ACTiON from CPM

Consumers now expect seamless integration of reality and the digital world. And that’s what we’re delivering. A video solution where anyone online can get immersive face-to-face advice, training or customer care - wherever and whenever they want it. Our solution comprises ACTiON, our new v-commerce platform, media-trained experts, AV kit and even branded studio spaces. It’s the ultimate one-stop-shop.

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