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Discover the crucial role data insight plays in harnessing sales, why you need to flex in response to market dynamics, and how the right sales levers can deliver results. 
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The world of sales has changed, and we need to change along with it. Faced with all the recent challenges - Covid, inflation, supply chain disruption - businesses have found they need to adapt to succeed. It’s not an entirely new world, just a different landscape. Despite the massive growth in e-commerce, today’s customers don’t want to shop exclusively online. Now, consumers are engaging with brands in entirely new ways. They’re shopping across channels with more flexibility than ever before. What’s needed is a new, agile approach, and an omnichannel presence that covers every base. 

What do we cover on this page:

  • The importance of data - harnessing real-time data for customer insight
  • Adaptable salesforces - why you need to flex, divert and blend sales solutions
  • How we drive sales - combining data, people and people and digital services
  • Blog Insight: Why data is your most strategic asset to impact sales
  • Blog Insight: Why you need a well-defined sales strategy
Section 1

The importance of data

During times of great change, being able to drive value is paramount. In the wake of recent challenges, traditional sales and customer engagement strategies have been severely disrupted. In the race for growth, data is the real unlocker. And it's time to change the way we look at data - how it’s collected, how it’s analysed and how it’s deployed. 

Data insight and your customer base

Consumer profiling and targeting, segmentation, territory planning, lead optimisation… These crucial data insights drive a deeper understanding of your customers. They tell you where your customers are located and the best way to target them. Deep data insight delivers a multi-dimensional viewpoint of your customer base. It gives an overview of visits and touchpoints along the customer journey and helps you optimise sales with perfect precision. 

"Data insight delivers a multi-dimensional viewpoint of your customer base"

Harnessing real-time data and predictive analytics

It’s no longer enough to rely on EPOS data and store location records. Data insight needs to be taken to the next level. Our Liquid methodology integrates dynamic footfall data from mobile phones, visual and predictive analytics and advanced consumer profiling. Now we know exactly where your customers are, when they are there, and how to interact with them to drive results. It gives us a firm grip on present and future trends, and how we can leverage them to our advantage.

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Blog Insight

Using data analytics to impact sales?

It’s no surprise that companies now understand the importance of leveraging data to gain a competitive advantage and drive better business outcomes. However, this comes with a certain number of challenges and roadblocks. 

This blog discusses how we can help you source the most relevant data, effectively manage that data, and extract quantified insights that lead to better business outcomes. 
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Section 2

Adaptable salesforces

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, you need a salesforce that can flex with your needs. You need the flexibility to adapt rapidly to shifting requirements. It’s crucial to have the agility to experiment, pilot and execute sales and engagement programmes, letting your investment flow to the right opportunities, at the right time.

"In today’s business landscape, you need a salesforce that can flex with your needs"

The alternative to in-house

Outsourcing your sales offers a compelling alternative to an in-house team - no need to worry about paying for benefits, office space, equipment, or other overheads. You’ll also be tapping into the skills and knowledge base of experienced sales professionals. Leverage the expertise and experience of a seasoned sales team, boost efficiency and focus on growing your business instead.

Flexing in response to market dynamics

Crucially, with an outsourced team, you’ll have the ability to rapidly scale up or down as needed. Ramp up during peak season, and scale back during slower times. Our salesforce can be switched on and off, flexed bigger or smaller or diverted to change direction in response to market dynamics. We utilise the right outlet, with the right offer, at the right time to maximise ROI.

Combining sales solutions

We offer three core sales solutions; face-to-face sales, telesales and digital sales. Each can operate independently or in parallel to deliver the ultimate adaptable salesforce. Combining sales solutions will enable you to deliver a seamless experience at every point of the customer journey. They’ll enjoy an improved customer experience, and in turn, you’ll enjoy increased loyalty and repeat business. 

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Blog Insight

What do sales and rugby have in common?

Both rugby and sales need a well-defined strategy to succeed. A rugby match is backed up by a game plan with defined actions and an understanding of the team’s strengths and weaknesses. In the same way, a successful sales force will rely on a guiding strategy.

But perhaps the most crucial similarity is that both need to be executed by passionate professionals willing to give their best on the pitch. 
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Section 3

How we drive sales

We’ll deliver real business outcomes. A dynamic and frictionless conversion journey. A flexible, agile approach. And reduced spend for a greater return. You tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll deliver real-world, measurable results.

Understanding the brief

It all begins with the brief. Every business has unique goals and challenges, and sales success depends on understanding and delivering on these factors. We take the time to understand your goals, target audience, and competition. And then we work with you to define the metrics of success. We’re results-focused. Our ultimate goal is to deliver an outcome that aligns with your brief, and exceeds your expectations.

Using data to define opportunities

You have an objective in mind for your brand; growth, share, increasing rate of sale or building availability and distribution. Using the Liquid methodology, our teams use data science to determine the right mix of physical and digital services to deliver greater ROI and results. We harness real-time data and predictive analytics and translate them into sales, instantly. Our data feeds are live, so we can respond to activation in a matter of hours. We’ll establish optimal touchpoints to unlock new opportunities, and deliver on your goals. 

"We harness real-time data and predictive analytics and translate them into sales"

Using the right sales levers

We can help you see sales and marketing deployment models a little differently, rewiring them to become a unique engine that drives disruptive growth. By using the right sales levers, we’ll deliver an agile model that remains hyper-relevant to customers, anytime, anywhere. Our sales, marketing and engagement programmes flow together smoothly, providing a cohesive customer journey.

Blending real-time data and the optimal mix of services

We’ll deliver the optimal blend of activation for your goals. Our tailored combination of advanced data science, dedicated people, and digital solutions will transform your sales outcomes. 

Field sales - Our adaptable field sales professionals offer industry-leading expertise throughout Retail, B2B and B2C channels. 

Face-to-face sales - CPM provide face-to-face sales teams with real category expertise. Our people are thoroughly trained, high-performing retail experts. 

Telesales - Our multi-lingual, high-skill regional hubs deliver maximum results. Services include inside sales, TAM and lead generation.

Digital sales - Welcome to the digital world of retailing. We integrate our digital platforms seamlessly with physical sales teams to influence and sell. 

Merchandising - High-impact physical and digital merchandising solutions to drive sales and give you a true competitive advantage in-store and online.

Auditing - Comprehensive auditing programmes incorporating face-to-face, telephone and online contact points.


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