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Outsourced sales

An adaptable outsourced sales team

CPM is a leading international omnichannel outsourced sales agency specialising in inspiring and influencing human behaviour.  We have over 80 years of experience partnering with our clients delivering meaningful data-driven conversations through empowered people.

On this page, we have shared all our blogs that touch on 'outsourced sales' but if you require further information please don't hesitate to contact us.


Why companies outsource
5 Key Reasons Why Companies Outsource

Our lastest blog from CPM Ireland, which shares their experience on Why Companies Outsource

what happens at night from Bastiaan June 2018 architecture-blur-bridge-314380 (compressed)
Outsourced Sales Team

What happens at night....

By Bastiaan van Houten, MD, CPM Belenux

Sales Academy

Sales Academy is our specialist sales training consultancy, enabling sales teams and managers to improve their sales skills and management skills, behaviours and mindset.

Strategic Outsourcing

Why Outsource? Read our white paper on strategic outsourcing.  An extremely variable landscape lies ahead of us, and the efforts aimed at recovery will require speed of action and flexibility.

Sales Outsourcing

Veronique Motte, MD, CPM France discusses Sales Outsourcing. The obvious choice for some, but less well-known to others, sales outsourcing lets brands be more agile and keep ahead of the pack.

Why outsource sales?

How to make outsourcing a success and why Outsourcers are in the main seen as suppliers rather than partners.

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