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In Wake of Covid 3rd wave several states have announced night curfews. In Delhi, shops in all markets are open on odd and even days though essential shops in all states continue to remain open. Brands are strengthening their supply-chains to ensure there is no disruption in the event of restrictions due to a third wave of the pandemic. Coupled with Technology Brands are accelerating growth in the e-commerce industry. Improving the overall efficiency by reducing the cost is one of the main things businesses are looking forward to during the pandemic.

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This week’s edition of “Indian Retail at a glance Glance” talks about FMCG plan of action to deal with 3rd wave of Pandemic despite of inflation remains a worry. Technology can be a great enabler for the unorganized retail sector and How consumer goods makers have been grappling with rising costs.

Shoppers gear up for a shock as goods makers likely to up rates

Shoppers should gear up for more sticker shock as industry watchers expect consumer goods makers to increase prices yet again this quarter to cope with higher commodity costs.

How digital technology is empowering the kirana stores

India has the most unique retail sector in the world. This uniqueness emanates from two aspects- Organised or modern trade, which has taken most developed by storm still accounts for a very small percentage of India’s retail market.

FMCG firms ramp up supplies as coronavirus-led curbs return

Packaged goods companies are again ramping up supplies and stocking up products across retail stores and e-commerce channels as covid-linked restrictions crop up in several large states.

FMCG firms brace for third wave of Covid-19

With Covid-19 cases on the rise in India, consumer goods companies, especially those offering food products, are gearing up for a possible third wave of pandemic.

Distributors withdraw protest against HUL: company assures to resolve issues 

The standoff between distributors and packaged consumer goods giant Hindustan Unilever over pricing parity between traditional distributors and organised business-to-business (B2B) platforms has been resolved for now, with distributors withdrawing their protest against HUL.

Storyboard18 - 2022 - Definitely, maybe: From the intense fight for customer wallet share to full-funnel marketing for FMCG

Heraclitus popularly said, “The only constant in life is change.” On some level, many of us have always subscribed to this viewpoint, but the past year or two made this amply evident. As a people, we embraced change like never before, whether we liked it or not. Our ways of living, working, eating, shopping, and socialising turned on their heads. I don’t think it will be off the mark to say that these behavioural changes are here to stay.

ITC Enters Plant-Based Meat Market

Following major progress in the nascent Indian ‘plant-based meats’ landscape in the second half of 2021, the first major Indian FMCG company has announced a foray into the burgeoning sector.

Inflation to remain a worry but demand will be strong in 2022: FMCG players

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) makers are bracing for inflation in key inputs in 2022, but expect it to be offset by strong demand for their products in the coming year.