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We are extremely proud of the great culture we have created across our global office base, spanning EMEA, Asia Pacific and US marketplaces.
We have over 37,000 employees working for CPM's blue chip clients across the field and in our multi-channel contact centres.
Many of our staff have been working in the business for over 20 years and as part of our 80 year celebrations ; we invited our employees , both old and new , to share their thoughts on how far the business has come.

Tom Preece, Group CEO:
"One of the major changes has been the acceptance of outsourcing and its advantages which have increased significantly since I have been with the business...I see a bright future for CPM in terms of continuing to be relevant to client needs in marketing and selling their products."

Zrinka Schaefer, Head of Recruitment Centre, CPM Germany:
"A lot has changed since I first set foot in the company 26 years ago. Our line of business has become more diverse and international."