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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Building A Better Future... Together

At CPM, our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is straightforward. We recognise our impacts on society, on our people, and on the environment. So, we focus our efforts on taking positive, practical action that really makes a difference. We aim to maximise the benefits we bring, and minimise any negative impacts by taking full accountability at every step.

This report for 2023 delivers an insight into our progress and achievements in several key areas. We have been active in supporting our communities, managing our environmental footprint, enhancing our workforce and ensuring robust governance. By working together, we can build a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Corporate social responsibility is a journey. Whatever we have achieved, there is always more to be done. As this report shows, we have made substantial strides over the last 12 months. Let’s take a look at what has been achieved







As a global company, our scope is significant, and our reach is impactful. That’s why we place a prime focus on giving back to the communities where we live and work, using our influence for the good of all. 

We donated essential supplies and Christmas gifts

Across the company, teams worked together to provide crucial support to communities both near and far. The devasting earthquake in Turkey and Syria left homes in ruins and killed more than 50,000 people. CPM staff gathered basic needs products to help with the relief effort. 

Nearer to home, teams collected clothing, food, and gifts to support local communities at Christmas. A local charity delivered our Christmas stockings to people experiencing homelessness in Barcelona, while in the UK, donations were made to the Thame Foodbank. In Dublin and France, we worked with charities to donate food, clothing, books and toys.

We gave practical support to a local foundation

In Benelux, the entire company took time out to travel to the Sterksaam Foundation, a small-scale housing initiative in Lisse. The unique house offers space for seven young adults with an intellectual disability and/or psychiatric background, who require extensive support from the caregiving team on site, day and night.

Because the work at the home is intensive, the volunteers don't always have time to take on the larger household chores. This is where the CPM pitched in to help. The whole team got hands-on, tackling indoor and outdoor tasks to lend a hand to the volunteers.

We supported our grocery workers 

As the sponsors of TWIG (Today's Women in Grocery) event again this year, we are proud to show our support for this vital organisation, which sits under the IGBF (Irish Grocer Benevolent Fund) charity. We also sponsored the inaugural TWIG Person of the Year initiative during this year’s event.

The charity assists up to 200 families, helping a wide variety of people who used to work in the grocery industry, from warehouse workers to checkout operators to delivery drivers. Our grocery workers form the backbone of our industry, and we are pleased to help with providing support when times get tough.

We provided furniture and technology to local schools

Following the refurbishment of the UK office last year, we wanted to ensure our old furniture and equipment wouldn’t go to waste. So, we reached out to local schools. Lord Williams School in Thame had just constructed a new building, and we were delighted to help furnish some of the rooms with chairs, tables, cabinets and sofas.

Barley Hill School and North Kidlington School were also looking for additional furniture. They used our furnishings to create break-out areas within the school for quiet reading and time-out areas. They also took over 20 chairs, tables, five monitors, and a glass cabinet for their school trophies. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We recognise that our most valuable asset is the experience, skills, and cultural diversity of our people. At CPM, we are building a positive workplace culture where every person feels valued and included.

We placed a focus on disability awareness

We want CPM to provide an inclusive workplace where people are seen and valued for what they bring to the table. We appreciate our people not in spite of their differences, but including their differences. That’s why we’ve put disability awareness at the top of our agenda. 

In France, we held six disability awareness training courses for 54 field managers, covering topics ranging from understanding the issue of disability to managing a disabled person. In Italy, we spoke at the Disability Lab about how to engage and include differently-abled people, making them feel part of a greater team and working together to achieve personal and business growth.

We reviewed our recruitment processes

We are embedding inclusive practices into our recruitment process. In Ireland, our recruitment processes have been modified to ensure all jobs are targeted equally to male and female candidates via language used and a gender bias decoder. This has helped to address the gender gap. 

In France, we have taken further steps to raise the awareness of our recruitment professionals, with a focus on equal treatment of applicants and the prevention of discrimination. This has ensured recruitment is carried out with a preference for diversification, is based on a code of ethics, and provides greater inclusivity to marginalised groups.

We signed the SER Diversity Charter

This year, CPM Benelux had the opportunity to sign the SER Diversity Charter. This charter signifies our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, and provides access to a supportive network. We have declared our aim of creating a more inclusive company culture where everyone is treated equally and with respect, and differences are acknowledged and celebrated. 

A team of dedicated colleagues has been assembled to pursue these goals. For example, the group facilitated a DE&I workshop last year to raise awareness on this topic. We have also conducted a survey to find out where we currently stand as an organisation, and where we need to go.

We held our first Culture & Engagement event

In the UK, a team of senior business leaders meets throughout the year to discuss Culture and Engagement. They are known as the DNA action group, and their responsibility is to be the voice of the business for this key subject. The team focuses on topics including engagement and recognition, wellbeing, empowering great ideas and DE&I.

In 2023, we held our first Culture and Engagement event, highlighting how we bring our DNA alive. The event was attended by 150 colleagues, who learned more about our wellbeing support and the Employee Relations Groups. The event included informative pit stop areas, a quiz, a bake sale, amazing food, and entertainment. It was a true celebration of our commitment to culture and engagement. 


We’re committed to recognising and reducing our environmental impact. With our sights firmly set on Net Zero, we’re empowering our people to action sustainability initiatives and reduce the carbon footprint of our operations. 

We’re offsetting our carbon footprint

In the UK and Ireland, we’re working with the Carbon Footprint Standard, an internationally recognised standard for demonstrating low-carbon credentials. Every year, we take a Carbon Footprint Standard assessment, to assess our emissions and track progress against our sustainability agenda. 

The goal of tracking is to ensure we get practical recommendations to enhance our action plan to reduce emissions. This year, we also took action to offset our carbon footprint to maintain our carbon neutral status. In total, we offset 4,132 tonnes of CO2 for the UK and Ireland by supporting a renewable wind power project by Axis Wind Farms. 

We’re reducing, reusing and recycling

Across the organisation, we’re strongly focused on reducing, reusing, and recycling, to cut down on the amount of waste we have to throw away. In France, we’re switching over to paperless systems, with the aim of reaching 100% digital dematerialisation of our HR processes. 

In the UK, our Root team (Reduction Of CO2 Together) continued to promote various activities, such as recycling unused furniture, supporting local food banks, donating unused clothing and replanting our garden spaces. In Ireland, we are actively separating and recycling our waste and have upgraded the AC system to ensure higher energy efficiency. 

We’re driving electric vehicles (and driving less)

In the UK, our commitment to a more sustainable fleet continued through 2023, and we moved from 20% to 50% hybrid by the end of the year. We also identified that the number of electric vehicles used by our head office employees had increased. To further promote sustainable travel and the reduction of CO2 per employee, additional EV charging points were added to the action plan for completion in 2024. 

In Ireland, our Diageo team is moving to electric vehicles. They now have ten electric cars on the road, with plans to grow the electric fleet and expand across other client teams. We’re also taking steps to drive less. In Benelux, we focussed on a good mix of working at home and the office for the perfect balance for both the environment and our people.



At CPM, we are driven by the belief that responsible business practices are not only essential to our work, but also crucial to the positive impact we can have on the world. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. 

We’re committed to transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct

In an era dominated by digital landscapes and evolving global challenges, the significance of robust governance cannot be overstated. As we navigate the intricate web of information security, privacy, and corporate accountability, our commitment to achieving strong governance is exemplified through our steadfast alignment with the ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) and ISO 27701 (Privacy Information Management System) standards.

ISO 27001, renowned as the gold standard for information security management systems, provides a systematic approach to identifying, managing, and mitigating information security risks. By adhering to its rigorous framework, we ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, safeguarding our organisation and fostering trust among our stakeholders.

Extending beyond the traditional boundaries of ISO 27001, our dedication to corporate social responsibility takes a significant leap forward with our alignment to ISO 27701. This standard focuses on the protection of privacy information, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to respecting individuals' privacy rights and demonstrating a conscientious approach to protecting personal data.

By embracing these international standards as the frameworks within which we operate, we signal our unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct. Our stakeholders can trust that their information is handled with the utmost care, and that their privacy is a paramount concern in every aspect of our operations. This commitment is woven into the fabric of our corporate culture.