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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Moving Forward Together

Over the last year, we have continued to build on our corporate social responsibility efforts. Throughout 2021, CPM has taken decisive action to enhance our diverse workforce, support our communities, manage our
environmental footprint and invest in our people. Our aim? To make sure our impact on the world around us is positive and lasting.

Our people have always been the bedrock of our company’s success. This has never been more apparent than in the challenging working environment of the past year. We pulled together, and we looked outwards, making constructive contributions to our workplace, our communities and society at large.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our activities and progress over the last 12 months…






As a global company, we’re committed to using our influence to make a meaningful impact on the communities around us. Giving back to our community is a prime focus of our efforts

We distributed food and provisions

CPM India actively supports the Nitya Foundation, which is focused on enabling holistic improvement wherever it is most needed. The charity works hard to reduce poverty, empower women, and improve skill development and education. We supplied books and blankets to assist with the amazing work this charity undertakes.

In addition, CPM India distributed much-needed food packages to migrant labourers and people who had fallen on hard times after the first lockdown

We sponsored the Irish Hospice Foundation

The Irish Hospice Foundation works to ensure the best end-of-life and bereavement care for all. From advocacy and education to vital services like Nurses for Night Care and a Bereavement Support Line, the charity believes in the importance of dying well and
grieving well wherever the place.

Every year CPM Ireland actively sponsors this indispensable charity, donating funds to ensure they can continue their valuable work within the local community.

We initiated a Give & Gain scheme

At CPM, we fully support our employees participating in social, practical action for the benefit of others. That’s why we’ve implemented a Give & Gain scheme at our CPM UK offices. Each eligible head-office employee is entitled to apply for up to two days per year to work or fundraise for any registered charity of their choice.

This initiative has benefits for all concerned. It allows employees to make a real difference, while the charities have access to skilled support and increased productivity.

We provided a Covid resource helpline

We stepped in to provide expert assistance when it was needed most. While the pandemic continued to disrupt lives, CPM India provided a helpline for incoming calls and outbound calling activities for the Covid Resource Hub. Our specialist team were on hand to deal with all the necessary details.

The helpline meant that people could reach out to us for gathering verified details for various resources such as medicines, oxygen cylinders, at-home services, and hospitals.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

CPM is a people business. That’s why our ongoing mission is to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace where every single individual feels comfortable, confident and fully supported.

We delivered DE&I awareness training

Our DE&I objective is to create an environment where every employee feels welcome, free to be themselves and knows that they will be treated fairly and equitably. It all begins with knowledge and understanding.

As part of our DE&I strategy, all employees completed the Omnicom DE&I mandatory unconscious bias training which covered essential topics, including types of diversity, benefits and best practices of inclusion, the importance of awareness, recognising unconscious bias, how bias and inequities impact inclusion, taking responsibility and the critical role all employees play in inclusion.

We have created DNA champions across each of our three contact centres to push forward DE&I messages. CPM Ireland made a fantastic video that included team members speaking about what diversity means to them, while CPM Benelux delivered an insightful training programme for all staff members.

We introduced diversity in talent acquisition for Diageo

We worked hand-in-hand with Diageo to ensure best practice was followed in their recruitment process. Tackling issues including unconscious bias and gender decoding, CPM UK recruitment worked with Diageo recruitment to ensure greater diversity of candidates were supported through initial processes to short-listing.

From attraction and interviewing to reviewing how we increase presence amongst under-represented groups, this was a comprehensive approach to diverse talent acquisition.

We created a group to promote LGBTQIA+ equality

A new employee resource group for our LGBTQIA+ community has been created across the CPM Group. This voluntary, employee-led group aims to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace. It advances and promotes workplace LGBTQIA+ equality through engaging and developing employees.

Through our participation with Omnicom, we have been involved in various opportunities to learn more about and challenge systemic inequity. We have agreed on a consistent DEI rubric to outline the key focus areas of our DEI agenda and against which to measure progression as we continue to develop our initiatives to drive a more diverse, inclusive and equitable organisation.


We’re continuing to work strategically to lessen the impact of our operations on the environment. By empowering our people to identify and improve our sustainability initiatives, together, we can make a difference.

We reduced our carbon footprint with hybrid working

Reducing our carbon footprint means fewer carbon emissions going into the atmosphere, slowing down climate change, preserving our environment, and making better use of the earth’s resources. Every small change makes a difference.

At CPM, we’ve rolled out a hybrid working model as the pandemic draws to an end, significantly limiting the travel requirements of our staff. In the UK, the Flex Grocery team have conducted 100% of their colleague briefings virtually rather than waste fuel on face-to-face briefings. Moving forward, the plan is to move to quarterly F2F meetings to reduce consumption further.

We launched ACTiON: a virtual sales solution

The launch of ACTiON introduced a virtual sales and customer experience solution that we believe will greatly reduce our environmental footprint. Every element of the offering is virtual, from training teams, advising consumers or holding virtual conferences, and it all has a positive impact on reducing emissions.

Our UK shopper research revealed more could be done to ensure that the buying decision is right the first time, especially when it comes to more complex, high-value purchases. This limits the risk of additional shopping trips, returns, or the need to raise multiple orders, all of which can add to a
brand’s environmental impact.

We reassessed our office facilities

Here at CPM, we’re making it a priority to implement greener policies and ensure compliance with legislation regarding the environment. Some of the many areas we considered were our lighting and heating systems.

In our new office in Slovakia, we installed lighting which reduces brightness depending on the time of day to reduce energy consumption. In Ireland, we replaced our overhead lighting in the office with LED bulbs. The UK office saw the introduction of an environmentally friendly heating and cooling system.

We expanded our electric vehicle fleet

We have increased our commitment to green vehicles over the last 12 months. In 2021, CPM Benelux adjusted the car lease policy and encouraged electric cars with a higher lease budget and a lower lease budget for fossil fuel cars. Since this time, only electric cars have been ordered.

Our hybrid fleet is growing too. In Ireland, we have seven hybrid Toyota Corollas on the fleet, with plans to add three more. In the UK, we introduced 90 Toyota Corolla hybrid vehicles, reducing the CO2 outputs by 31%.


At CPM, maintaining our ethical standards is of paramount importance. That’s why we regularly review our corporate policies to ensure we effectively meet our employees’ and clients’ needs and represent ourselves with integrity.

We focused on mental health and wellbeing for all

We continued our efforts to support mental health and wellbeing across the company. We believe mental health and work performance are not two separate elements but two parts of the same equation. Combined they are what makes people flourish.

CPM UK now has trained Mental Health First Aiders across all business areas. In addition, CPM UK and CPM ICC undertook a Learning at Work Week in 2021 with over 20 modules offered to all employees covering both career and personal development modules and a focus on building our awareness and understanding around mental health. CPM France introduced a Vitality programme, providing mental and physical support to all employees.

We developed our Information Security and Privacy programmes

Our Information Security and Privacy programmes continued to mature through the use of industry-standard and best in class solutions. They ensured the ongoing confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information assets, and ensured that we met our regulatory requirements and obligations.

CPM is committed to being a trusted partner to our clients and living up to the high expectations of those individuals whose personal data we are involved in processing. This was evidenced best through our annual Information Security and Privacy audits, conducted by an independent third

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