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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a Brighter Future Together

At CPM, we’re dedicated to bringing our Corporate Social Responsibility policies to life. To us, CSR is more than just a box to tick. It’s about taking action. It’s about supporting our communities, managing our environmental footprint, enhancing our workforce and ensuring strong governance. It’s about really making a difference in the world and directly improving the lives of people around us.

2020 was a challenging year for everyone. At CPM, our shared commitment to our clients, communities, and each other guided us through. In this review, we look back at our response to the COVID-19 crisis, along with the other actions we took to make a positive impact on the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic contributions from the last 12 months…



We’re committed to leveraging our industry influence to create meaningful change in the communities where we live and work. With offices across the globe, our reach is extensive and impactful.

We gave children access to digital educational resources

The impact of the lockdown was keenly felt in schools, where teachers and pupils were forced to quickly adapt to online classes. This opened up a digital divide, with many pupils unable to gain access to technology.

In Spain, CPM International Contact Centre helped technologically enable schools, to give more children access to digital educational resources. Four non-profit organisations were involved in the drive, helping extend the reach of technology and devices across the Catalonia region so that both family and education stayed connected.

We supported front-line grocery workers

Our Grocery heroes, including CPM's field teams, have supported the nation throughout the last year.  They've been working in challenging circumstances, handling a significant surge in footfall in response to the Covid-19 restrictions. And now it’s our turn to support them. Grocery Aid is an industry charity that provides emotional, practical and financial support for people in the grocery trade.  CPM UK is a global-level sponsor of this vital organisation.

With almost half of the 50,000 UK convenience retailers signed up to *shopt, a CPM brand engagement app, we recognise the crucial importance of supporting local business. CPM stepped forward to offer the *shopt app as a means to communicate and drive awareness, all completely free of charge.  We're now discussing how *shopt can provide further support to drive awareness of Grocery Aid.  

We raised €2million for Médecins Sans Frontières

We’ve been door-to-door fundraising for Médecins Sans Frontières since 2013. This global humanitarian charity provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics and disasters.

CPM Ireland is MSF’s sole affiliate for door-to-door fundraising. The key to our success? We make sure we’re fully informed about their campaigns and then share this information with donors. In short, we can tell people how their money will be spent. In 2019, CPM Donors accounted for €2million of MSF Ireland’s Revenue.

We gifted clothes and makeup at Christmas

Clothing4U is a non-profit organisation that helps people with financial troubles by giving them clothes and other products. With so many individuals struggling at this time, their support is needed more than ever.

Christmas can be a challenging time for those in financial need. CPM Benelux were delighted to help. We gave Clothing4U makeup and other accessories, which they passed on to girls and women as Christmas gifts. The products were used in hundreds of Christmas packages full of clothing, makeup and accessories.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We’re committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture where every person can feel valued and that they belong.

We celebrated International Women’s Day

Every year, we throw ourselves into celebrating IWD.  Diversity, equity and diversity are part of our DNA, and we foster a true culture of gender equality in the workforce. This is reflected in the fact that 50% of the group’s senior leadership is female.

From CPM International Contact Centre raising funds for victim support charity, Fundación Ana Bella, to showcasing women’s talents and celebrating the #EachForEqual campaign, we got involved on every level. Whilst CPM Ireland took the opportunity to interview two female colleagues who shared their career journey through the company.

We offered mental health support for every employee

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has had a significant impact on our mental health. Reduced social contact, working from home, financial and health issues – they all add to our mental load.

CPM Benelux started a co-operation with Open-up to offer coaching sessions with a psychologist for everyone within the company. It was for anyone who felt they needed to talk, whatever the issue.  At CPM UK, we trained up 15 new mental health first aiders to help raise awareness of mental health issues and reduce stigma and discrimination.

We explored what diversity, equity and inclusion really means

In July 2020, CPM Ireland focused on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Company Town Hall meeting. Our aim? To explore what diversity really means.

We talked about what diversity means to our business, why it’s important to have a diverse workforce and the importance of an inclusive culture and behaviours. We also looked at unconscious bias and why this was important to recognise. CPM Ireland has now set up a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion group to drive forward the agenda.

We sponsored professional athletes

At CPM, we always say ‘hire on attitude’. Our people are our strength, and it’s their positive, proactive attitude that takes us to the next level. That’s why our scholarship programme with athletes is such a success.

CPM Benelux has a partnership with De Sportmaatschappij, an organisation that helps professional athletes transfer to normal society after their sports career. We offer a scholarship that provides coaching and the opportunity to follow an internship at CPM. It’s a win-win for everyone. Our colleagues learn so much from the winning mentality of the athletes while they gain exposure to all aspects of our business.


We work hard to lessen our impact on the environment. By continually evaluating our operations to improve efficiency and sustainability, we aim to minimise our footprint on the world around us.

We switched over to green vehicles

We’re committed to reducing our CO2 output. Green vehicles are the fuel-efficient solution. By doing more of our miles on clean electricity, we’re emitting less CO2 and improving local air quality.

To further support green vehicles, we have implemented electric vehicle (EV) charging points across some of our UK offices. We hold the industry standard ISO14001 Environmental Certification which demonstrates our continued drive to support a greener future, with a focus on lowering our CO2 emissions across the country.

We created the ROOT garden

Spending time in green space and tending to nature benefits both mental and physical wellbeing, as well as improving the environment. With this in mind, we created the ROOT garden.

The ROOT garden is designed to give CPM employees a peaceful and relaxing area to enjoy their breaks. The employees are responsible for the garden’s upkeep, and ROOT (Reducing Our CO2 Together) organises various gardening activities to encourage wildlife and people to get involved.

We supported The Great Green Wall

The Great Green Wall initiative is an inspiring African-led movement to grow a wall of trees across the Sahel. The aim is to reverse climate change and create sustainable jobs and food security.

CPM employee, Jemma Blaylock, holds a pro bono position as a Non-Exec Director on the board of Aduna, a business focused on creating sustainable livelihoods for rural households in Africa. Along with the UNCCD (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification), Aduna supports the Great Green Wall initiative. This amazing project has the potential to improve millions of lives.


At CPM, we’re committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. We regularly review our corporate structure and policies to ensure we represent our clients and ourselves with the utmost integrity.

We kept our employees safe during the pandemic

The health and safety of our people and those around us is our top priority. As such, we introduced several initiatives to provide a safe working environment for our office employees and our field staff. Which were recognised by the Health and Safety Executive as best in class.

CPM transformed Health and Safety procedures to ensure that we are not only complying with regulations with regards to Covid-19 but, more importantly, offering a safe work environment for our employees. We brought in independent auditors to ensure that all our measures were meeting requirements. As always, our people come first.

We made sure our data protection was first-class

At CPM, data governance and data protection are embedded within our business. We have implemented technical and organisational measures across the company and adopted best practices to drive privacy-by-design in our operational processes.

All our people complete annual GDPR and security awareness training. It’s our mission to ensure everyone is fully informed and up to date. We have also implemented a new privacy platform. The OneTrust platform maintains records of processing activities and data mapping and supports other key GDPR requirements, helping to strengthen our data protection and information governance programme.

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