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Last week, Shane Stafford, CPM Commercial and Retail Director, participated in a very insightful Business Breakfast at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce about “Outsourcing your Sales Channel”. Shane was accompanied by one of our clients, James Browne, Senior NAM at Diageo.


During the breakfast meeting, both speakers went through the key learnings and implications regarding Sales outsourcing, as well as some of the most valuable benefits they have seen in businesses when changing their sales model. They covered the main learnings between the 2 parties involved in the process.


Sales outsourcing is an innovative way for companies to increase sales, reduce overheads and increase flexibility in the channel. Behind the main reasons why companies decide to outsource their sales channel are:

  • Sales-OutsourcingExpertise: Leave the sales to the experts. Outsource sales partners have the previous knowledge, skills and experience to drive high performance teams allowing the company to focus on what they do best.
  • Flexibility: As businesses evolve, sales outsourcing allows companies to manage their sales model with the flexibility, scalability and pace needed.
  • Focus: With an Outsource Sales Partner in place you can focus on what you do best, and ensure that the sales experts are looking after your sales performance.
  • Financials: In most cases it takes a lot more to set up and run a sales channel than it is to outsource it to a Sales Partner as they already have the personnel, technology and processes required. Enabling organisational change; there are times when the internal business cannot expand e.g. freeze on headcount. This option allows you to continue to grow your sales channel in size while keeping with the internal headcount requirements.

Among the big learnings we have encountered within CPM that will guarantee a successful sales model are: ensuring an alignment between both Culture & Values, true partnership between both parties involved, getting the right people for each role, measuring what is truly important, and last but not least, guarantee communication is taking place on a regular basis.


CPM is Ireland’s leading partner for outsourced Field Sales solutions. We have + 30 years’ experience in Ireland and +80 years in the industry which is unmatched by any other field marketing company in the country. GROWING sales for our clients, POWERED BY OUR PEOPLE is what makes us so successful.


We are all about improving sales volumes. There are tangible benefits to using our outsourced sales teams. Not least of which is the €250m sales we will deliver this year alone and we are constantly searching for new ways to innovate and increase sales every day.


We provide island of Ireland coverage with the capability to scale up our staff database for new or existing business. We will select dynamic teams to make sure our client hit their sales targets through a blend of direct sales, retail field sales, syndicated sales, telesales, telephone account management and digital sales. We even have our own CPM Sales Academy to ensure continuous learning and development of our sales force.


If you would like to know more about the benefits of outsourcing and how CPM can implement this model for your business while bringing a positive impact on your sales performance, contact us at 01 7080 300 or email us at