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In this interview Glenda Naghten, Payroll Manager at CPM, shares her experience on how to achieve a healthy work life balance. Keep reading to find out the top tips from Glenda on to #BalanceForBetter



  • What does your current role entail?

I manage the payroll department in CPM. I’m responsible for payment of salaries and expenses. This requires lots of time management to meet banking deadlines and timelines from our shared services team. Outside of the management of payroll processes, I’m the main point of contact for queries.


  • What does “balance for better” mean for you?

For me balance for better means striking a balance between my professional and personal obligations, both of which are important in my working and home life. While I pride myself on being a full-time worker, I also take pride in being a mother (of boys aged 9 and 18 years old).  Two areas that might seem contrasting at times, but both play an all-encompassing role that defines me.


  • What advice would you give young women who are trying to build a career in the industry?

Be confident, kind but determined, respectful to all (and expect the same respect back), lastly have courage in yourself.


  • How do you manage to have a work-life balance as a mother of teens?

Although my role as a mother never changes, I’ve almost taken on a role of “the coach”.   Trying to point my child into the right direction as he goes into adulthood. It’s a lot of having to watch quietly from the side-lines and from time to time having the all-important prep talk.  As such my work – life balance is keeping my phone on, sending the odd text or whatsapp message at lunchtime and being there at critical times.


  • Tips on how to balance for better
  1. Professionally:
    • Have a schedule.
    • Know your busy times and plan for them.
    • Know how long it will take you to get home, (if you take public transport know when your timetable) and set a time to leave work.
  2. Personally
    • Leave work at your desk (literally and figurately).
    • Plan and spend a lot of time with the things you love.