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'Veganuary inspires and supports people all over the world to try vegan for January and beyond'. - Veganuary.


With ambassadors including Billie Eilish, Joaquin Phoenix and Paul McCartney, Veganuary is an exciting opportunity for many brands to bring out new products.

You're probably already eating some accidentally vegan products without realising:

Skittles, Twiglets, Soreen, Oreo, Fruit Pastilles, Lotus Biscoff, dried pasta, Doritos Chilli Heatwave, Bourbon biscuits, Coop Jam doughnuts and even Diageo Guinness are all vegan at the time of writing. (but always check labels to be sure) 



Within our business, we’ve seen an increase in brands we work with making their product range more vegan-friendly.

We recently worked on an experiential marketing campaign in ASDA for Flora Plant putter with the slogan “from plant to toast- no cow!” as well as our field teams up and down the country supporting the launch of the new Skittles Desserts flavour for Mars.

In previous years skittles contained gelatine however, since this ingredient was removed, they are suitable for vegans.

Floraskittles desserts 3

"There's certainly a rise in the interest for vegan products and it is exciting to see new products launching that are accessible to those following a plant-based diet". -Jon Davany, Head of Sales.


The global plant-based food market report suggests that the industry will grow 11.9% by 2027 so now is the time for brands to take advantage of this growth. The number of Google searches for ‘vegan’ rose by 700% in the last four years alone.

The vegan industry is also becoming more well-known within mainstream food outlets. McDonald's has the Beyond Meat Burger in a McPlant and the Breakfast Sandwich at Starbucks.  

There were many exciting new products to try in Veganuary 2024 such as:

  • VFC One Bag Range, 'chicken' mince, chicken 'sausages'
  • Wagamama's new vegan 'steak'. (which had to be stopped early due to such high demand!)
  • HAPPIEE! vegan 'seafood' including prawns and calamari
  • Krispy Kreme UK & IRE Oreo vegan doughnuts

But why do people try Veganuary?

From 2023, 47% of respondents reported improvements to their overall health and 49% of respondents reported improvements in their mood.

Veganuary’s impact (according to the 2024 Veganuary Press Pack):

  • 2 million litres of water saved.
  • 103,840 CO2 eq saved- this is the equivalent of 1.2 million flights from London to Paris.
  • 4 million animals were spared from a lifetime of suffering.

We’re excited to see which of the NPDs stay around post-Veganuary and are a success for the brands. We’re also looking forward to seeing which brands we work with are next to launch a vegan-friendly product/ range.