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For a person that is at the frontline of sales and often carries the responsibility of tertiary sales in top outlets, the tag sales promoter only tells a part of the story. A sales promoter is a representative, an ambassador of the brand and in an enviable position of being in direct contact with the consumer. The responsibility of not only sales, but also of the brand image rests on his or her shoulders. For such an important person, the rules are many and often diverse, depending on the type of product and the demographic. There are however some common do’s and don’ts that are universally applicable. These 6 basics are the very foundation of any successful Sales Promoter.


Perhaps the most important of all and a pre-cursor to all others is the promoter’s personality. A positive and confident personality is infectious and inspires an affinity in the consumer towards the brand. Personality is best communicated through body language. A good posture and a smile goes a long way in inspiring confidence.


Building up on the personality, a promoter must be well groomed. Depending on the product and the brand, there are strict guidelines that are specific for a good reason. For example, a promoter for a hair care product must have well styled hair that shows the customer the benefits of the product. Additionally, a well-maintained uniform and an appearance that is pleasing and inculcates respect in the consumer towards the brand.


One can have a good personality and be well groomed but still fail to make the right impact if one does not understand how to communicate with people. Consumers don’t like to be jostled or harangued. They prefer to be counseled and guided. The soft approach rather than the forceful approach, yields better results. Not only that, it also ensures consumer loyalty. It is often difficult to get a consumer to switch to a product. One might not realize the benefits in an instance, but the consumer can connect with the person and purchase a product because of the connect that the promoter built.


A decision to purchase is a decision based on trust. That is what it all it boils down to. If one is honest and does not relay false information and adheres to the above, a sale is a forgone conclusion. What is the secret towards building and conveying trust? Believing in the product one is selling. Only when a promoter believes in the product that he or she is the custodian of, can they convey honestly and build trust.


There can never be enough training. Learning, thus training is a continuous process. From immersive trainings to short digital trainings, promoters must push themselves to train and master everything. A promoter can only be the best, if they behave like an Olympian.


You followed the above, you achieved success but how does a promoter sustain success? Determination and being stubborn. Even in a lean month, the promoter should not give up, but have confidence in their ability and be determined. They will surely find success

Like any good dish, the above are the spices that make it special. The real ingredient is one’s own belief, passion and purpose. The above are guides that can keep a promoter on the right path and ensure success. The drive is internal.