Telephone Account Management
CPM’s Telephone Account Management (TAM) services can help you maintain regular contact with a designated segment of your customer base, on a cost-effective basis.

It can be used both as part of an integrated solution working alongside a field sales team and also on a stand-alone basis. CPM have effectively used TAM as both a short term tactical solution, for a specific focus activity, and on a strategic basis to drive sales and provide support to develop our clients brands.


Without non-productive travel time; telephone engagement allows you to reach more customers in a day than face to face contact and also offers coverage in hard to reach geographical areas.


From IT & Technology inside sales & partner relationship management Programmes, through to Retail order and stock placement; CPM have the expertise in developing bespoke account management solutions on a local country and regional hub basis; ensuring you are effectively acquiring, developing and maintaining your customer relationships to drive satisfaction and long-term brand loyalty; whilst driving down overall cost per customer contact.

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