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The challenge

PepsiCo asked CPM France to carry out anti-out-of-stocks operations to guarantee the visibility of summer products: Lipton Ice Tea, Tropicana, Alvalle, Pepsi, Lay’s and Bénénuts.
Every day each summer, people stock up on summer products at the major supermarkets along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts: drinks fresh products, snacks… Retailers see a steep increase in activity and find it hard to meet this seasonal demand.
To guarantee the availability and visibility of its products, PepsiCo decided to focus on coastal regions and more generally on tourist areas each summer.

Our Solution

Alongside the sales teams sent on behalf of PepsiCo all the year round, CPM France sent out seasonal sales merchandisers teams from April to the end of September 2016. In 53 sectors, mainly in coastal regions and the Paris area, the teams aimed to increase visits to shops to effectively guarantee that as little stock was sold out as possible.
By setting up this sales merchandisers team, PepsiCo sought to ensure zero stock shortages in stores with a result that was directly visible on the shelves. The promotional team made sure, on a daily basis, that PepsiCo products were clearly visible and that all fresh products respected the best-before date


10 000 visits made between April and September 2016
77% of revenues made thanks to anti-shelf shortage campaign and highlighting products

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Case studies

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