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Given its International Day of Happiness, we went about and ask some of our amazing staff a simple yet insightful question “What makes a Field Sales Representative happy?”.


Here are some of the answers we got:  

  • Getting a deal closed while providing a good service, progression opportunities and being part of a Top Team - Jason Wilson
  • Saving customers money while giving a better service - Nigel Croghan
  • If you are making sales you feel valued, trained and confident in the product you’re selling to customers - James Hegarty
  • Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort - Aaron McConville
  • What makes me happy to be a FSR is obviously making Sales but it’s also how I go about making Sales. Meeting different people every day, trying to make their lives and bills a little bit easier. That’s what gives me the satisfaction and makes me happy to be an Field Sales Rep - Shane Mulvey
  • Happiness is working in a positive and motivated team environment. Meeting new and different people every day, hearing different stories, creating connections provides everyone with a new outlook and positive mentalityEmese Naughton
  • Happiness for a Field Sales Representative is being on target every single week. Being a Top Performer. Making someone happy by saving them money. Learning new things about salesKrzysztof Lukas


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