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Louise McMahon, Fundraising Ambassador, shares her experience working in CPM on the Dogs Trust team, who work for a noble cause, helping those who have no voice. Louise has a great understanding and a great appreciation of what it takes to truly make a Fundraising Ambassador. She shared her story behind getting active in the mission of rehoming dogs and her involvement with Dogs Trust in her own words…


When the opportunity came up to become a Fundraising Ambassador for the North West Region of Ireland I jumped right in with all four paws. Why? Well let me introduce you to my best friend Sandy.


Sandy was 8 months old when we first met. It was a Sunday morning and I went out to my car to retrieve something, Sandy was sheltering under my car, she was tiny with little hair and the bit she did have was matted, but she came out from under the car and playfully jumped up into my arms. I took her in and cleaned her up and rushed around to the supermarket for dog food. After a couple of days I reluctantly phoned the local dog pound as I felt someone could be missing her, and I wanted to give them the opportunity to claim her. It was hard handing her over to the dog warden as I instantly became attached to this little ball of fun. I kept in contact with the pound and after five days no one had claimed her and I officially adopted Sandy. We have been inseparable ever since, that was six years ago. It has been a wonderful journey thus far and extremely rewarding to watch Sandy become a confident, content and a talented retriever of a tennis ball. Sandy has always been their for me and provides unconditional love in spades.


Dogs Trust was established in Ireland in 2005 and has and continues to be the answer to our K9 friends prayers. Providing an opportunity for possibly traumatised dogs and humans alike to reconnect and engage in a long lasting friendship.

Previous to 2005 in Ireland 22,000 dogs like Sandy were being put to sleep annually, and through a continuously progressive process and hard work, dedication and charitable pledges from the people of Ireland dogs like Sandy are being given a full health check, immunised, microchipped, rehabilitated and rehomed. A second chance is all most of us ever want and need in life and this is no different for our canine friends. That is what I feel I am doing now as a fundraising ambassador for Dogs Trust - taking action.


A Day in the Life of a Fundraising AmbassadorLouiseMcMohan-comp

Door to Door fundraising has its challenges, however if you call with a positive attitude and express a passion in the conveyance of your message, the general public are openly receptive.

Field Fundraising is vital for Charities such as Dogs Trust. Regular giving is the lifeblood that sustains Dogs Trust. What is important to any potential field fundraiser is the abbreviation PREP.


      • Preparation: Look presentable – clean branded DT top/jacket and ID. Know where you’re going - make sure your car is clean, entering a location with a dirty car doesn’t create a good first impression. H2O - stay hydrated it is thirsty work talking to the many people you meet in a day!
      • Representation: Not only are you representing yourself, your team, your manager, your company, and most importantly Dogs Trust, you are the voice of the vulnerable dogs seeking and needing a new beginning. To know I am making a difference is such a privilege.
      • Enthusiasm: Convey the Dogs Trust story with an infectious positive energy so those you meet on your journey will see how they can make a difference also, you will come across objections, however, always leave on a positive note, and remember every conversation about Dogs Trust is a positive one. They will remember you and in a good way.
      • Progression: The path is clear - achieve your targets, deliver company objectives, work as a team to help Dogs Trust deliver their objective.

"Action speaks louder than words"


Final howl….

One morning you will wake up and come to the realisation that you are looking forward to meeting new people and spreading the Dogs Trust message of good will, and one morning you will wake up and realise that you are having so much fun that it does not feel like work anymore. Hail the pooches of this land because it is just one more sleep ‘till I meet more of you tomorrow and make a difference for those who are pawzing in the Dogs Trust wings.

Put your best Paw forward…..


If you would like to be part of Louise’s team, Apply here