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Business Development Managers are the cornerstone of any successful organisation as they ultimately generate new revenue and help a company grow. At CPM Business Development Manager is not only a role, it’s a path to build a successful career within Ireland’s leading Field Sales company.


To give you a better overview of what a Business Development Manager does, we interviewed Damien Mc Crink, who joined CPM as a Business Development Manager for our SSE Airtricity account and after only 8 months was promoted to Team Leader. We invite you to read this very insightful piece and find out what Damien loves the most about his job.


Damien.jpgA day in the life of a Business Development Manager, by Damien Mc Crink

Coming from a Retail background, ranging from Sales to Store Management and then on to Training Manager, I decided to change my career and become a Business Development Manager. I made that decision for a couple of reasons:


The first of them was money. If money doesn't motivate you, then sales isn't for you. I am currently making good money and getting some excellent perks in my role.


Secondly a Career. I didn't just see the opportunity to become a BDM as a merely job with CPM; I see this role as my career, a career that I'm going to build at CPM and progress. There are so many opportunities and paths that I can take at CPM and I can already see these paths opening up for me. After only being 8 months in my role, I was promoted to Team Leader.


A typical day for me begins on the phone setting up meetings for the day. It is a very important element to get those extra sales and over achieve on my targets, which are very achievable. They don't just come to me, I work very hard to get them. As a BDM, you need to put the effort in and you’ll definitively see the rewards. I know I do.

After being on the phone for a couple of hours, I go onto my cold calls where I get out and about to meet local Business and close those sales.


The path of a BDM has many challenges. The biggest one is probably calling into businesses that are still in contract and getting the end date.


I work in a great team that I know I can rely on to share ideas when the chips are down and a great manager that I know I can call on for advice when things are not going my way. My manager always promotes open communication and I always remember his ethos "Hard work beats talent every day". With his help, I have realised my potential and he helps me to reach the extra mile.


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