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The days of sitting in a classroom for an entire day for employee training may soon be a thing of the past. This infographic from One Productions takes you through how e-learning is transforming employee training. In standard employee training, the employee forgets 65% of the material covered just 7 days later and that figure jumps to 90% after six months.


Research has shown that e-learning increases retention rates by 25-60% and it isn’t very hard to understand why. E-learning puts employees in control and they can learn at their own pace – anytime, anywhere. If an employee forgets something from their training, they can simply load up the video to revise. 42% of companies say that e-learning has led to increased revenue and an 18% increase in employee engagement.


If you are producing employee training videos, don’t slack off on the production quality. Your employee videos should be the same as any customer facing video content or employees won’t find them engaging. Find out more in the infographic.