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At CPM, we know that salespeople have a busy schedule, and they are always looking for ways to work smarter and deliver outstanding results. To help make your job more efficient, effective and enjoyable we have compiled a list of great apps for salespeople! We have included apps for team communication, journey planning, project and note organisation as well as insight tools that can help salespeople deliver the best possible results!


Keep reading to find out more about these apps:


Team Communication




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Slack is one of the most reliable tools used by sales teams. It allows your team to connect and communicate regardless of how far away you are. Slack provides a platform for you and your team to set reminders, share files, and discuss important projects. Team collaboration is vital in delivering the best sales results.




Zoom is a great way for salespeople to engage in video conferences and calls between teammates as well as with prospects. This is another tool that can bring your team together no matter the distance between everyone. The accessibility and ease of this online meeting app makes the communication process simple and effective!


Route Planner


Badger Maps


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Do you want to increase your efficiency and organisation while on the road? Badger Maps is the perfect app for finding and planning the fastest routes between clients. This widely used app will allow you to spend more time on the quality of your sales and less time on the logistics!


Note Taking & Organisation


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This app allows you to keep all your important data in one place. Evernote is a great app for keeping your notes, images and files organised and easily accessible. As a salesperson it is crucial to have a systematic method to keep track of information while on the go, and Evernote will do the job!




Wunderlist is a fantastic app for salespeople to keep track of their tasks, due dates, and reminders. It allows you to make digital to-do lists that will keep you organised and timely while on the job. The app also lets you share your task lists with teammates which can increase collaboration and transparency!



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While on the job, Expensify will help you to keep track of your trip expenses. This widely used expense management app is a way for you to organise your trip receipts and records. It simplifies the process and is a great tool for salespeople.


Insight & Tools



feedly 2

Feedly is a news aggregator app that keeps you updated with the latest trends and happenings in your industry. Relevant insight into your area of focus is key to understanding the market, consumers and new opportunities. This app provides the important information you need to carry out the best service and sales possible!




Brainshark provides sales reps with tools and training to help them deliver the best results. The information and knowledge provided by this app can improve your tactics, strategy and productivity to maximise your selling potential. It is important for salespeople to continuously improve their methods, and this app is there to coach you along!


All these apps offer a basic version for free with more features available when upgrading.


At CPM we are a pioneer in sales technology, and we are always looking for ways to improve the performance of our staff by creating smarter ways of working. Such is a fame in the industry that we were awarded the 2018 Best Sales Implementation Award by the Irish Sales Champion Awards, the most prestigious recognition in the industry.


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