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If you are looking to start a new habit, reading good quality blogs should be on the top of your list. Blogs are a great way to stay informed on the latest trends and practices of the industry. There are many options available for Salespeople, so at CPM we have gathered the top 10 blogs:


#1. CPM

CPM blogAt CPM we are passionate about sales. We love sharing our extensive knowledge of the field marketing industry that we have accumulated over the 32+ years we have been operating in Ireland and the 82+ years of CPM Group.


We share useful content on a weekly basis that will help you to develop your career in sales and have a better understanding of the latest trends in the industry. Our blog includes a variety of topics ranging from consumer behaviour, latest trends in retail, insightful pieces on sales and merchandising, as well as tips and how-to guides, e-books, infographics and more! Among our preferred blog posts is Irish Retail at a Glance; a weekly post that gather the latest news, trends and insight of the retail landscape! 


#2. Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies

As an author of several well-known sales books, Jill Konrath brings her knowledge of sales to life in this creative and insightful blog. She provides the best tips and tricks to navigate the industry and market while adding her own stories to give it a relatable touch.


#3. The Make It Happen Blog

John Barrows puts a personal spin on this sales blog with advice based on his own experiences and knowledge as a salesperson and now sales trainer. The Make it Happen Blog will help you to become a better salesperson and leader through captivating stories and principle-driven insight.


#4. The Sales Blog

The sales blogThis daily blog will supply you with motivational wisdom, leadership advice, and sales insights that will bring your performance and career to the next level. As a bestselling author, notable speaker and sales leader, Anthony Iannarino shares his inspirational advice through direct and engaging posts you won’t want to miss!


#5. The Ambition Blog

This blog is the ideal resource for sales leaders who are looking for new ways to inspire and motivate their sales team. The Ambition Blog is full of innovative tips for hiring, driving performance and creating the most effective sales team.


#6. SalesGravy

SalesGravy delves into single concepts or strategies in each blog post, providing an in-depth source of learning for sales reps in particular. The range of topics stretches far and wide, so there is always something that might catch your attention! More specifically, this blog is known for having anything and everything on the topic of Sales Prospecting, based on blog-founder’s extensive knowledge.


#7. Sales Hacker

The Sales HackerSales Hacker is a widely-used hub of sales content that covers many different topics. This blog shares their information through unique and captivating tools such as videos, e-books and webinars. Whether you are a sales rep or executive, Sales Hacker has you covered with top-notch B2B information.



#8. Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing provides daily B2B sales and marketing insights that are fresh and to-the-point. The blog is full of interviews, insight posts and quick tips for everything inbound sales professionals and marketers might need!


#9. SalesFolk

Do you need to spice up your sales communication techniques? Heather Morgan’s refreshing blog will teach you how to create attention-grabbing and personalised content that will set you apart from the rest. With examples of both good and bad approaches to sales, this blog is gives great suggestions of how you can enhance your communication skills.


#10. Smart Calling

Smart Calling is a great tool to boost your prospectSmart Calling calling game. This blog covers everything on the subject, using the best tips, trips and anecdotes to give you a fresh look at prospect calling approaches. Learn how you can be the best in the game with Smart Calling.