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mindset-image1. Change your mind-set. Don’t be closed to new learning, whether that is via the internet, a colleague, a training course or otherwise. It’s very easy to think you know it all, but open your mind to growing new skills and you’ll be surprised at the results.

2. Network more. You should look for opportunities in everyone you meet – you’ll be amazed where open conversations will lead you. Always help others to connect with relevant people who can help them and you’ll find they reciprocate.

3. Help, don’t sell. Keep it in your mind when you making sales-calls and meeting your clients, that you are helping them and not selling to them. Your goal should be to build a better relationship with them, determine their problems and help them solve these.

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere4. Get smarter with social media. Twitter and LinkedIn can be great tools for getting to know people better and a great way for finding new contacts and getting introductions to people you want to meet.

5. Understand what your products can really do for your clients. Delve down deeper into what challenges your clients are facing and how your product can be part of the solution.

6. Pick up the phone more and don’t rely so much on emails. I would recommend this internally as well as for clients to reduce the never ending stream of emails.

7. Encourage feedback from colleagues on your performance and offer advice to them. Create a coaching culture in your business.

images8. Consider how you act under stress or time pressure. Try and adapt your approach to suit these situations and tackle things differently next time you feel like this. It should lead to more positive outcomes.

9. Be different. People buy you, as well as your offering, so stand out by being genuine and honest.

10. Monitor your success. Be responsible for evaluating your own performance and push yourself to develop further.