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After finishing College, most graduates are not sure about what career path to take. Many students only start considering their options when entering to the final stage of their studies and might end up feeling frustrated when the question “What’s next?” pops into their head.

If that’s your case, don’t panic! It’s important for you to know that there are plenty of options facing final-year students. Whether you’ve always known what you want to do after finishing your degree or are only recently thinking about it, we have gathered 3 reasons as to why sales is the best job to start your professional career.

  1. Sales is everywhere

Be-EverywhereSales skills are critical to progress in any occupation, as being able to sell is the foundation of any successful career. Sales are involved (consciously or unconsciously) in all levels of any job. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. Not convinced? Well, just think about how a job interview works. It’s all about the candidate’s ability of selling why he/she is the best person for the role.

Even though sales skills are required for any job, not many people receive coaching on how to further develop this skill. By getting a job in sales, you will receive professional training by your manager/coach, allowing you to gain these invaluable skills from the very start of your career.

  1. Earning potential & career progression opportunities

employmentopportunitiesOne of the main benefits that attract people to apply for a sales role is the earning potential offered as well as the career progression opportunities. As sales is the main source of income for many companies, salespeople are offered excellent salary packages that include base salaries, benefits and generous commission schemes. The rewards in sales are straightforward: the harder you work, the more you will earn. Also, not many jobs offer the same opportunities to further progress in your career, as Sales roles do.

  1. Develop resilience

bigstock-Resilience-Road-Sign-3363000-2-300x199Another skill that salespeople learn to develop very quickly is resilience. By working on sales you learn how to deal with rejections and objections on your daily basis. You learn not to take things personally and to develop emotional intelligence. The top sales performers have become master in resilience and have grown a hard skin that allows them to see an opportunity after every “NO” they heard.

At CPM we have a passion for sales and are currently looking for students who want to start a career in sales! At the moment we are calling all students to kick off their sales career during their 12 weeks Summer Break.

Our opportunities offer the great earning potential (up to €9,750 over 12 weeks), an opportunity to work with some leading multinational and indigenous brands; great working hours (imagine not starting work until 12! Happy Days!) and to top it all off full training provided! 

If you have any queries, feel free to contact our recruitment team who will be happy to answer any questions at