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Did you know that the average customer views a merchandise display for just two seconds? That’s the time you have to catch consumers attention and invite them to your store!

The windows displays of your store can be the decisive factor in whether a new customer steps inside your business or simply just pass by. Make sure you have the right window exhibition in your store with the following tips:

window display 11.    Update your displays. It’s advisable to change them every two weeks. By not doing so, you are taking the risk of becoming invisible to the shoppers who pass by your store every day.

2.   Don’t block the inside of your store with your exhibition. New customers are basing their decision to enter the store on what they can see from outside. If they can’t see what’s inside, they are less likely to go in.

3.   Keep it clean. Make sure your windows displays are always clean of dust from the outside and look tidy on the inside. Don’t try to show it all at once. Organize an agenda to display your new arrivals throughout the month.

4.   Show the prices of the products you have in your window. It’s an old fashion way not to do it.

window display 25.   Not only display your merchandise, dare to tell a story. To do so, pick a theme and then plug in the pieces. You can use this theme in the decoration of your store as well.

6.   Be creative! To capture people’s attention you just need to use your creativity. With a genius exhibition, you’re not only going to gain the attention of the people who is passing by your store, you can also motivate them to take a picture and share it on their social media!

7.   Be engaging! – draw a crowd by creating a window display that is interactive. This could be through the use of technology e.g. video capture of the audience, facial recognition, digital messaging etc again encouraging people to take pictures and share via social media.

And to give you some inspiration, check out these great windows display examples we found:

Marks and Spencer’s ‘Magic & Sparkle’







Lace Up Save Lives, Nike








Johnnie Walker “Where Flavour is King”, London







MINI Pop-Up Shop, London









Telstra 2014 Christmas Interactive Windows

window display 3