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Summer is coming to an end and we are all clinging to the sunshine and the nice weather we have had this season. Meanwhile in CPM, we will review the trends in retail that this summer has left us through the surveys that Empathy Research have done during the past months:


summerThis summer came accompanied by an excellent football season with the World Cup. In Ireland was expected that 6 out of 10 Irish adults were going to see the matches and worldwide the final match was televised by 1 billion people worldwide. Beer was chosen as the alcoholic beverage of choice and crisps as the favoured snack.

Sweet summer

summer38% of Irish eat biscuits, cake or pastries at least once per day. A further 44% eat them at least once per week. Also, 23% of shoppers buy ice cream at least once a week. The ice cream consumption is encouraged mainly by the weather: six out of 10 people who buy ice cream said they do so when the weather is nice.

A taste for international cuisine

summerWith the World Cup kicking off this week, two-thirds of Irish adults think their willingness to try new types of international cuisine has widened in recent years. 6 out of 10 of those who have seen a change in their tastes cited travel as the biggest influence that helped them expand their tastes. Interestingly, almost half (47%) of respondents think other international cuisines are more healthy than traditional Irish food.

Barbecue time

summerHalf of Irish consumers plan on hosting barbecues over the summer months. When it comes to selecting types of meat for the barbecue, chicken is the most popular with the majority (93%) of barbecue planners. Next most popular meat was beef (84%), followed by pork (53%) and lamb (23%).

Wine, please

summer29% of Irish consumers purchase wine at least once a week. Given the current financial climate, it’s somewhat unsurprising that over half (53%) of those who buy wine identified 'price' as their most important factor when choosing wine. Price was followed by 'country of origin/varietal' and is the most important factor for a quarter of wine purchasers.

On-line shopping

summerAlmost a third (31%) of Irish consumers has shopped for their groceries online. Interestingly, 69% of Irish consumers have never shopped for groceries online, with 40% of these shoppers citing not being able to pick out their own produce as the main reason they have not ordered their groceries online. Over a third mentioned that they like the ‘bricks and mortar’ shopping experience (36%) and prefer to shop local (34%).