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Establishing authentic relationships with channel partners is crucial for the success of any business, as these connections will help your business to win in-store space over your competition, receive special offers and consumer insight, create a more collaborative environment, among many other benefits. At the end of the day, solid in-store relationships will make your sales results stronger.

If you are asking how sales developers can grow better relationships with channel partners, take a look at the following tips that CPM has gathered to help you succeed:

1.       Right technology

BesttechThe first thing you will need is to have in place the right business processes and technology, in order to create a collaborative environment with your channel partners. Structured processes and advanced technology guarantee responsiveness, flexibility and strategic enablement.

2.       Know your partners

Deep knowledge of your partner needs and challenges will allow you to be assertive and design a customised program for them that covers an end to end customer journey from the idea through end purchase.

3.       Build a channel partner strategy

strategy_origMake sure to take time to create a strategy for each key channel account, this will allow you to respond more timely and effectively to your partner’s needs. Having a program for each channel will drive partners to sell the products and services to the end customer and increase your ROI.

4.       Motivate your channel partners

In order to distribute your products faster through the channel, it’s essential to educate your channel partners by sharing sufficient marketing material, providing in-depth product training and offering incentives.

5.       Consistent communication and follow-up

Unless you regularly engage with your partners, you will not have the brand recall that you are looking for. Keeping partners up-to-date on upcoming your product releases (or changes to existing products) enables them to keep their customers up to date as well. Channel partners should be encouraged to stay current, adopt new technology early, and be fully supported in order to gain or maintain a reputation of a collaborative trusted brand.

As Ireland’s leading Field Sales and Marketing company, CPM understands the importance of building strong in-store relationships in order to maximise brand exposure. Talk to us today to see how your brand can benefit from our well-stablished channel relationships.