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“Where words fail, music speaks”

― Hans Christian Andersen

As scientists have proven, music has an effect on human brain, body and –subsequently– in our behaviour. A simple tune can alter our mood or actions, without being conscious about it. For that reason, the music played in-store is extremely important to influence the buying behaviour of your customers.

Through music we can motivate a desired emotion and inspire an action. The sonic experience that you desire to evoke in your customers depends on your retail strategy (would you like customers to spend a long time in-store or, on the other hand, would you prefer to have shorter visits; would you like to increase impulse buying; are you looking to attract Millennials or Baby Boomers; among others).

When planning what genre of music to play in your store, keep in mind that music is another way to reflect the brand personality and appeal to your customers, in order to enhance the customer experience. If you are not too sure about which music will suit your audience, nowadays there are companies and websites dedicated to offer music to retailers in order to boost their sales.

At CPM we have gathered the main elements you must consider when selecting music for your retail shop: