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We had the great opportunity to work with Matthew Walsh for the last few weeks and he dared to write his first blog post to talk about his work experience in CPM. Check out what he had to say: 



For the past six weeks I have been working for CPM. I have received a lot of experience in the areas of interacting with people in a professional manner, using initiative to try and find the easiest and most effective way to complete a task and developing myself in an office environment. But probably the most important thing that I learned was that everything that you do in a business has an effect on someone or something else.

During my time at CPM I was working in operations, doing different tasks and helping anyone who asked. For the most part I was taking orders from shops around the country and sending these orders to one of our clients, who would then send the products out. I also helped with the mystery shop calls, which was basically seeing how well the garages representing one of our clients were helping their customers. I also helped with things like photo reports for our clients. Some things were more exciting than others but they were all great learning opportunities.

When I first started I was nervous, because -from what I had heard from friends who had previously worked in an office- it was going to be a really boring and dull job that I’d be spending six weeks of my summer holidays doing. But thankfully they couldn't be more wrong. Due to a friendly and welcoming team who were always happy to help me with anything that I was struggling with and people who were always trying to give me new experiences and to keep me involved. I really enjoyed myself in so many ways and I couldn't be happier with the opportunity that was given to me.