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A career in sales can be a rewarding experience for those who dare to jump into the passionate world of sales. Salespeople are required in a wide range of different industries, as most businesses rely heavily on revenue generated by sales.

At CPM we have gathered 5 reasons why you should apply for a job in sales:

1.       Earning Potential

One of the main benefits that attract people to apply for sales roles is the earning potential offered. As sales are the main source of income for many companies, salespeople are offered excellent salary packages that include base salaries, benefits and generous commission schemes. The rewards in sales are straightforward: the harder you work, the more you will earn.

2.       Career progression

Career advancement within sales can be faster than in other areas, as progression is based on performance levels. Also if a salesperson decides to change their career path, it can be easily done as many of the skills acquired by salespeople are valuable in any area of the business. Some of the skills that are highly valuable and that can be learnt while working in sales are managing budgets, improving time management and public speaking.

3.       Personal control

Salespeople have the freedom to arrange their own agenda. Sales jobs offer the independence to professionals allowing them to work on their own initiative and select their own action plan. Companies usually set goals and the salespeople will decide on how to achieve them, so as long the results are delivered, you will have control of your own time.

4.       Variety

If you want to have a very dynamic job, then look no further. Sales positions are filled with excitement and change, as every day will be slightly different.

5.       Helping others

Sales job are mainly about your abilities to build strong relationships and helping people to achieve their goals –or solve their problems- by introducing your company’s products or services. It’s all about understanding the needs of others and finding how your product/service will be useful to them.

There are many others reasons why a career in sales is a wise and rewarding decision.  If you are looking for a job, why not consider applying for a sales role? Click on the link to have a look at our current opportunities: