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In Ireland convenience is becoming more and more popular with shoppers visiting convenience stores at least twice a week. The busy schedule of consumers has contributed to this increase in popularity, as they are looking for ways to keep pace with their accelerated lifestyle through shortcuts and automation. In addition, shoppers don’t enjoy the act of shopping as they consider it’s too time-consuming and 47% describe it as a chore.


However, the increase in popularity of convenience stores may not necessarily mean an increase in spending, as shoppers are spending less time and subsequently less money during their shopping trips. According to the latest Irish Convenience Market Trends report from HIM, 2 in 3 Irish shoppers spend less than 5 minutes and the average shopper purchases 3 items per trip. In this respect, shopping trips are becoming more frequents and need-based. According to Nielsen, 10% of global shoppers claim to buy just for their daily meal requirements.


This scenario creates a fierce competition among brands and wide-scale changes within the convenience sector, with brands seeking for ways to stand out from their competitors. In this landscape, in-store displays play a much bigger role with more and more impulse purchases being driven through in-store displays, as suggested on the latest research by HIM on convenience.


Not only choosing the correct messaging and fixture type will have a big impact on the success of a campaign, but also the product location is key with the ideal location having a conversion rate of between 3.9% and 14.1% depending on category.


At CPM we understand that effective merchandising and retail displays are key to driving sales and gaining a genuine in-store competitive advantage.


We have 80 years’ experience worldwide and 30 years in Ireland and we have constantly learnt and reapplied our knowledge and experience to point of sale (POS), promotional management, new product launches and of course, visual merchandising.


We understand that merchandising is a key sales promotion tool. If your brand is not on a shelf, that's a missed sales opportunity. That's why we specialise in creating tailored sales strategies to maximise every opportunity. And with our strategically-led creative solutions, you'll stand a much better chance of standing out in the few seconds it takes a consumer to make that purchasing decision.


We'll also make sure that your brand is on the shelf through POS placement and stock control and we can support your investment with our mystery shopping team to ensure POS compliance and provide you with fully audited reports.


If you’d like to know how CPM can drive sales for your brand on the convenience sector, contact us today at