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The end of the year is getting closer and closer as we speak and with it the deadline to achieve sales targets for Q4. Even though salespeople are under a lot of pressure to hit their numbers during the last quarter of the year, this time is usually very profitable for top sales performers as they tend to smash their targets in the golden quarter.


CPM, Ireland’s Leading Field Sales Company, have gathered some tips to help you close strong on the last quarter of the year.


1.- Set your goals

targeted-marketing.jpgThe first step to have a successful year-end is to be very clear about what you want to achieve in Q4. Review where you are standing in your sales quota for the quarter and based on that calculate the number of customers you need to sign to reach your goal. It’s also advisable to determine the number of demos, calls or contacts that you’ll need to make by day, week and month. This way you will be able to track your activity against these metrics throughout the quarter and have full visibility as to what you need to do to reach your sales target.


2.- Rank your prospects

During the last quarter of the year, it is wise to focus on your top prospects and the opportunities that are more likely to be closed. For the moment forget about those big opportunities that you have invested months working on but being unable to close the sale. Evaluate your pipeline and grade each opportunity on a scale of 1-4 with 4 being “highly closable by the end of the period”. Centre all your efforts on closing the opportunities ranked as 4 and 5.


3.- Be direct

direct-response.pngAs the year-end gets closer, it’s advisable to use a direct tactic when communicating with clients or prospects. As deadlines are forthcoming, salespeople should use a direct approach with each customer and try to close the deal as quickly as possible. To be more direct try using close questions or offering a discount if the deal is closed immediately.


4.- Use your network

There are various sales strategies to get new customers, but none of them is as effective and productive as referral selling. This technique helps to acquire new clients based on one of your most important assets: your current and past customers. Create a notable offer for your existing customers with an added incentive when they bring a friend along. As the friend will already be most inclined to like your business, you have a great opportunity to establish a new customer relationship.


Q4 can be huge to your sales success if you prepare correctly. Never forget that positive attitude is key for sales performance, so always stay focus on your goal with the determination to succeed your sales quota.


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