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“When people ask me if our customers are loyal, I say, 'Absolutely, right up to the second that somebody else offers them a better service”

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos


As disruptive brands are stepping up their game and leveraging different technologies to offer a more personalised, valuable and immediate experience, customers are presented with more choices than never. As a result, shoppers are not only expecting good value for their money but they are also demanding for unique experiences from their brands.


When Robbie Clark, Director at Empathy Research, was describing the shopper of the future at the Checkout Conference 2018, he pointed out that shoppers are looking for a Fast and/or Fabulous experience. This raises an important question: Are customers being more loyal to brands or is the experience behind shopping for a particular product more appealing?


Customer-Loyalty.jpgAccording to Hugh Fletcher, Global Head of Innovation and Consultancy at Salmon, “When looking at customer experience today, it is now increasingly linked with growing a customer’s loyalty. With new technologies revolutionising the way brands interact with customers, we have seen the customer experience become progressively more important as brands use elevated experiences to differentiate themselves from competitors”.


As experience seems to be a key element in the formula to generate brand loyalty, it’s imperative that companies rethink the ways in which they connect with their customers and create a more personalised experience. This can be leveraged by using innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality, Programmatic Commerce, and Voice Automation or by creating a favourable brand experience where customers are most ready and able to make a purchase, i.e., in-store.


According to a survey conducted by the marketing agency Mosaic and the Event Marketing Institute, 96% of people who participated in an experiential activity are more inclined to purchase the brand.


At CPM we understand the benefits of having an in-store experience and creating in-store engagement with your customers. We are passionate about creating highly targeted, customer-focused experiential marketing activities and events that deliver real results for our clients.


Our highly creative and innovative experiential services include roadshows, consumer activation, point of sale, experiential, demonstrations, sampling and promotions - whatever you need to create a memorable and unique event. 


Contact us today to find out more information about what CPM can do for your brand to drive more sales. (Call us at +353 17080300 or email us at