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The impact of the fashion world on the globe and what could be done differently to reduce its environmental print are the major talking points in the London Fashion week. The event is being held from today until Tuesday 19th and it is considered to be one of the big four fashion events, ranking among the New York, Paris and Milan shows.


Inspired by a weekend loaded with the latest trends in the fashion industry, at CPM we took the opportunity to discuss whether the choice of outfit has an impact on productivity levels.


Karen PineWhile there are different opinions in relation to this topic, in a recent study conducted by the University of Hertfordshire, a group of people were asked to wear Superman shirts during their working hours. The participants stated to feel stronger while wearing them. Professor Karen Pine explained that dressing as a superhero gives you more confidence and strengthens the self-belief that you can achieve more than you imagine.


Robert Revilla proprietor of Bespoke Suit Tailor, a London tailoring company, also states that “What you wear to your workplace has a significant impact on your productivity" . As an example he likes to refer to one of his clients who alleges that ‘When I’m at the office I’m here to do business and look like I meant business. When I’m at home with kids or at the rugby it’s a different matter, but I never mix the two and therefore my business and casual wardrobes don’t mix wither.”


The way we decide to dress matters not only because what others can perceive about us but also it also makes a strong visual statement of how we see ourselves. Even though we might think that our work outfit shouldn’t have an impact on how we feel and how productive we are at work, several studies show that it does.


Contrary to this opinion, there are a few businessmen who consider that your way of dressing doesn’t affect your productivity. The biggest examples would be Mark Zuckerberg who is known for his grey shirts and blue jeans and Steve Jobs who wore black turtleneck all his life, yet they are the most renowned and successful in their respective fields. 


On another hand, it is crucial to understand the culture of the company and its dressing code. When going to a client meeting, it’s is important to follow their dress code and blend in with their style. Appropriate dressing is also a way of respecting the situation and the people.


Barack ObamaA great example of mirroring your audience is Barack Obama, who used to change his outfit according to the audience he was addressing. When doing a meeting for the working class, he would always have his sleeves rolled up with no jacket on. Using a similar dress code as your audience helps to create rapport and shows that you both have similar values and interests.


Last but not least, remember to stay comfortable at all times and don’t be afraid of experimenting with your wardrobe. Always keep an eye on how people react when you wear certain clothes or colours, as it will give you great insights on how to dress depending the occasion.


At CPM we share an ethos of work hard and have fun, bringing everyone together to achieve our goals, whilst embracing the spirit of CPM. We know that when people enjoy their work they deliver amazing results. If you would like to find the job of your dreams, have a look at our Jobs site.