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The integration between physical and digital can only take place through technologically advanced multi-channel solutions that have the ability to involve and build loyalty.


In 2017, Gartner analysts announced, "By 2020, virtual assistants will participate in the majority of business interactions between people and companies." Although not exactly in the manner envisaged by analysts, today's purchasing behaviours are mainly hybrid, with an acceleration towards digital mainly due to the pandemic.

According to the recent “ Consumer want it all ” study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, which also considers the impact of Covid on purchases, consumers use a combination of digital, physical and hybrid channels to learn about and buy products. In fact, hybrid shopping is the method chosen by 27% of consumers to shop. The figure rises to 36% if we consider only the GenZ.IBM_picture-1

But what lies behind this new consumer decision journey?

Definitely, a paradigm shift: purchasing methods are no longer based on "where to buy", but on "when". This implies availability 24 hours a day, spread over the different channels, ranging from physical, to e-commerce and also from mobile commerce.

In light of this retail innovation, brands and retailers are reinventing the rules for engaging customers, integrating traditional methods, both physical and digital, with new actions aimed at creating trust, promoting loyalty and, of course, increasing sales. Among these, video applications are those with the greatest potential. This is confirmed by WGSN, whose analysts say that live streaming will reach almost 224 billion dollars by 2028.

Contributing to this leap forward was not only the pandemic, but also the new technologies that have made it possible to improve both the quality and technical characteristics of the video formats (starting from the resolution) and the transmission and commercial diffusion capacity.

ACTiON: the trade union between instore, e-commerce and m-commerce

Aware that our customers' customers are looking for the same experience throughout their entire shopping journey, we have developed a solution that brings the added value of face2face and telephone sales to online consumers. With ACTiON, we offer an omnichannel solution that allows you to create video demonstrations of the product, customer assistance through a live v-commerce platform and even fully customizable digital live-studio events.

In short, a solution that amplifies the potential of the channels that consumers are demonstrating to appreciate the most and which aims to raise awareness of the brand, build loyalty and encourage upselling through the use of services and digital content. A path that many Italian brands are also adopting: just think that Video Entertainment - intended as information and entertainment content - has exceeded 1.3 billion euros in Italy. ( Digital Innovation Observers ).


Behind the technology, the expertise of the promoters

However, technology is not enough to inspire and influence the purchasing behaviour of target consumers, the competence and experience of the sales force - both internal and outsourced - must continue to play a key role in relations with consumers. This is why behind ACTiON there is a team of highly qualified resources: e-promoters who have an in-depth knowledge of the product, the reference market and the needs - and meta needs - of individuals.

Today, in fact, promoters and e-promoters, in addition to "knowing how to sell the product", must also play the role of communicators, brand ambassadors, content creators and listeners, in order to convert their relationship with consumers into sales, in stores. , online and also in the new virtual worlds.

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