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Amazing people are essential to CPM. They’re the difference between us being good and being great. How we recruit our people needs to be a strategic element of our business so therefore we need to ensure the people involved in the recruiting process, from the recruitment teams to hiring managers, are highly skilled in their field and provide a consistently high candidate experience.


We want people to want to work for us and see CPM as aspirational. We need to ensure the contact they have with CPM from the very start, is of an exceptionally high standard. In a candidate marketplace, the experience they have with the people on the recruiting frontline, will determine whether they want to work for us or not. 


So, we have invested in a training platform for our recruitment team to ensure that they are continuously learning and developing their skills to meet the expectations of or future candidates and to attract the best talent for our sales teams.


The training platform is called Social Talent!


Social talent

What is Social Talent?
  • Social Talent is an Industry leading learning solution that drives recruiter and sales productivity in a measurable, scalable way.

How does it work?


Social Talent gains predictive insights on how our teams use the technology tools available to them, enabling us to identify and scale best practice across multiple platforms using simple to install browser-based software.


The platform provides responsive Learning: +2500 bite-sized videos delivered by industry experts, customisable by managers, for all levels of expertise. Reinforcing new habits with software driven nudges: peer-to-peer engagement, triggered through on-demand tools & technology which encourage and prompt employees as they work.


Micro-certification, badges and recognition software are provided for managers and colleagues to encourage and reward teams’ learning outcomes and changes in behaviours (badges, kudos)


Changing behaviours takes time. Less than 20% of once-off learning is actually retained. To ensure teams don’t slip back into old habits, the solution is continuously updated with fresh content, tips and tools that reinforce positive behavioural changes every day.


The platform allows us to upskill our recruiters in a way that’s simple, accessible and measurable, to be ‘future ready’. This new system will change how our teams work, enabling us to embrace digital disruption and to measure the real Return on Learning.


CPM are finding this such an invaluable tool for their recruitment teams. So much so this is a Global initiative which is being rolled out across Ireland, UK, Netherlands and Australia. Our People is the foundation of our business, so it is of upmost importance that our recruitment team are continuously developed to bring us the highest performing sales people available.


For more information on how we manage our recruitment process and deliver high performance teams for our clients contact us at or call 1800 27 47 27