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CPM were delighted when our client MSF, the global humanitarian charity that delivers emergency aid to those in need, invited us to travel to Brussels to partake in a field medical-staff training event. Ger Moran, Learning and Development Manager at CPM, and Deirdre, leading Fundraising Ambassador at MSF, took part in the event.


Ger and Deirdre also had the opportunity to visit two key MSF facilities in Brussels to better understand how their mission to deliver emergency medical aid around the world is managed.


Ger Moran shared with us his experience during the training event:


Ger & Deirdre MSF Field Jeep 2After landing in Brussels we were brought to Espace Bruno Corbe (EBC) on the north side of the city. EBC is where MSF have created a training centre for their field-based staff to prepare them for heading out on missions. EBC is intentionally designed to imitate a real-world deployment location including huts, medical tents and prefabricated logistical units.


After an extensively detailed tour of the facility we joined other MSF stakeholders from around the world to provide the ‘victims’ for the centrepiece of the day – the simulation of a mass casualty event (MCE). Excellent make-up and patient stories were given to over 30 actors including myself and Deirdre. When the word was given a soundtrack of real-world emergency effects rang out and seconds later the nurses, doctors and other field personnel burst out of the training room to begin triage and management of the ‘wounded’.


The next time the alarm bell rang was to signal the end of the MCE triggering outbursts of camaraderie and congratulations for the performance of both victims and trainees. Hearty hugs and handshakes were followed by a formal feedback and evaluation session where each victim told their story of how they were treated and how well the trainees dealt with their injuries, both physical and mental. The sense of community and mutual respect was felt by all confirming everyone’s belief in the mission MSF undertakes around the world to save lives.


Ger & Deirdre at MSF Supply Brussels 2Swiftly the ‘victims’ group were cleaned up and transported across to the south side of the city to MSF Supply. The labyrinthine warehouse where MSF manage the supply and distribution of medical and logistical items to every corner of the globe. We were given a walkthrough of the MSF logistical supply chain. Following the journey from confirmation of a disaster (man-made or natural) somewhere in the world to a fully loaded truck of vaccinations & field kits arriving to the affected area, sometimes in less than 48 hours from Brussels to destinations in far-east Asia.


The complexity and efficiency of the warehouse was most impressive. Exceeded only by once again feeling the same sense of commitment from the warehouse operators that we had experienced from the doctors involved in the MCE. Everyone involved in the MSF mission from fundraising to operational administration to front-line medical and logistical staff are interchangeable in their belief that they are part of the MSF mission to help victims of tragedy as soon as they call out, wherever in the world they may be.


If you’d like to support the fantastic work that MSF does, why not to become a Fundraising Ambassador for their noble cause? Not only will you be provided with full training, support and progression opportunities from CPM but you will also receive a generous basic salary and exceptional commission structure.


To find out more about this great job opportunity, have a look at the job description here: