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At CPM our mission is to grow our clients’ business by using INSIGHT to create INFLUENCE and drive SALES. We are always on the look for the latest insight to have a deeper understating of the industries where our clients operate.


In our latest market research study, we evaluate consumer behaviours when it comes to Grocery shopping and we had some very interesting findings:

  • The store continues to be a place where brands can make an impact and influence consumers. Even though 3 out 5 people make a shopping list, only 1 out of those 5 sticks to it, which leaves a vast opportunity for brands to influence consumers in store.
  • Consumers seem to be less brand loyal than ever before with only 17% of respondents considering themselves as loyal to their favourite brands while a whopping 83% are opened to be influenced in store. Special offers are the main influencer in store, with 64% agreeing to be influenced by them. Other key influencers are recommendation from a friend or family, a sample in-store and a new brand in the market.
  • Even though sugar seems to be a hot topic in grocery at the moment, sugar content was ranked as the 4th priority when choosing a cereal. Other priorities when it comes to cereal are taste, cost and value.
  • Another key trend we observed in the results is that shoppers are willing to pay for Quality Food Products, which reflects the positive levels of confidence the Irish consumer has had in the past months. When choosing food products, Quality and Taste ranked higher than Price and Value for money. Quality is also the main driver when choosing nappies for babies.
  • As consumers are more environmental conscious, packaging plays an important role when grocery shopping, with 51% of respondents opting already for more environmental packaging options.

If you’d like to know more about how CPM uses our insights to create influence in store and in turn drive sales contact us at or give us call at 01 7080 318.


Have a look at a summary of our research results on the following infographic:


CPM - Checkout Ad - final artwork