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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford


collaboration 3Collaboration and communication are the cornerstone of any high-performance sales team. As salespeople spend most of their time with prospects instead of their colleagues, it’s crucial for businesses to encourage a collaboration culture to gain the most out of individual efforts.


Collaboration promotes teamwork and great results on sales teams. Through collaboration efforts, team members have access to best practices, enabling them to learn from previous successes and failures, which increases efficiency. And the results speak for themselves: sixty percent of salespeople say collaborative selling increased their productivity by over 25 percent.


In today’s technological era, collaboration is usually seen as something that can only be achieved through the use of technology. However, there are many collaboration hacks that do not require any program/tool and yet can have a major impact on the performance of a sales team. At CPM we have listed some suggestions to embrace collaboration within your teams:


Team territories:

Creating team territories not only sparks collaboration between team members, but also ensures that each person has a role to play in the winning strategy of the business. Likewise, it also guarantees that each person is doing their share of work. Studies show that effective territory management can increase overall sales, improve customer coverage, and reduce costs.


Share your successes:

collaboration 2Successes shouldn’t only be celebrated but they also should be documented and shared with the wider team. Something as simple as having a process in place to communicate and capture the main drivers of a particular success, can have a significant impact on the performance of a sales team. Often times big successes are celebrated and then forgotten about. It’s very important to document and share the wins that salespeople are achieving, as well as the process and strategy defined behind the winning of a deal.


Coaching sessions:

There is never enough coaching when we talk about sales teams. A great way to leverage collaboration is to host sessions where best practices and the corresponding results are shared, as well as to discuss possible difficulties that the team might be facing. Through coaching sessions, managers can target several pain points across the sales reps and identify the best solution for these inconveniences.


At CPM, Ireland’s leading partner for outsourced Field Sales solutions, we have a vast experience managing high performance sales teams with a strong collaboration culture. We have +30 years’ experience in Ireland and +80 years in the industry which is unmatched by any other field marketing company in the country. If you would like to know more about setting up a high-performance team and how to create a collaborative sales team, contact us at