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The ever-evolving world of retail is always on the lookout for new ways to create meaningful connections with their customers and it’s undeniable that technology has played a major role in the creation of long-term customer engagement.


Perhaps that’s the main reason why retail was a current topic in the latest Consumer Electronic Show (CES), hosted in Las Vegas from 9th to 12th of January. The CES is the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.


At CPM we have gathered the top 3 retail trends that will improve the shopping experience:


Voice assistants are here to stay:

voice assistantEven though the first voice assistant was launched in 2011 by Apple, in the CES 2018 companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Mercedes Benz showed off their recent developments in this artificial intelligence technology. For instance, Amazon demonstrated how their voice assistant “Alexa” functioned with showers, mirrors, light switches, microwave ovens and cars.


Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight, said: “Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others are fighting not only to cement their voice technologies, but also to ensure their assistant platforms are deeply embedded across the full spectrum of consumer electronics to maintain and deepen consumer engagement. Based on what we’ve seen so far, there’s no question that Amazon’s Alexa continues to lead the charge when it comes to voice assistant integration.”


Retailers need to understand how to integrate voice in their offer to consumers, as voice is becoming a search tool which cannot be ignored.


VR and AR are set to change our shopping experience:

virtual reality CES 2018Virtual and augmented reality were also a hot topic during CES 2018. This year not only did we see new advancements in the hardware but also new ways in which retailers can leverage these technologies to engage with customers. As e-commerce is becoming more relevant for consumers, retailers are looking for ways to bring the in-store experience to their online shopping platforms. With VR and AR enabled devices, customers will be able to enjoy the many benefits of brick-and-mortar shops, virtually try-out their merchandise and all from the comfort of their Connected Homes.


Among the advancements in the technology are worth mentioning the introduction of Cordless VR sets, the launch of headsets with eye and brain tracking sensors, as well as the creation of a 3D-printed prototype for a VR glove that lets you pick up different objects in virtual worlds while also wearing a headset.


With AR/VR customers will be able to try on jewellery accessories, dresses, hair colour, makeup or see how a new furniture piece or new colour on the walls could look like in their living room.


Data is the king

data ces 2018According to Brian Krzanich Chief Executive Officer of Intel, we are entering an artificial intelligence revolution. To power the technology of the future and create amazing new experiences, we need to unlock the power of data. Its collection, storage and analysis continue to change and grow, having more of an impact on our everyday lives than ever before.


Retailers and brands alike should drive decisions through the endless power of data. Data can inform about peak customer hours so stores can assign staff more efficiently, analyse foot traffic to understand the how consumers react to a display or walk through a store. It also helps to personalize your offer so you can tailor your service based on your audience.


At CPM we are passionate about bringing to life the future of retail. We specialise in creating remarkable experiences for customers and we make sure that your brand stays top of mind for your consumers. Looking to upgrade your customers' shopping experience? Contact CPM today and find out more about great ways to interact with your consumers in-store.