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Mark O'Connor, HR & Recruitment Manager in CPM, shares with us what does #ChooseToChallenge mean to him, what is the biggest challenge that women are facing and more. Continue reading to read what Mark had to say!
  1. Tell us about your role within CPM, your career progression and how long you have been working in the company.
    I am the HR & Recruitment Manager at CPM. I have been with the company for 12 months, but I had previously worked in CPM and jumped at the chance to return.

  2. What is the most challenging thing about your job? What is the most rewarding?
    The current Covid environment is the biggest challenge at the moment but we are working hard to support our team and reduce its impact wherever we can.
    The most rewarding aspect of my role is getting to work on a variety of projects such as our People and Diversity & Inclusion Strategies.

  3. What does the 2021 International Women’s Day slogan, #ChooseToChallenge mean for you in your work life?
    This means being ready to challenge a way of thinking – both my own and that of my colleagues. Without being willing to do this it would be impossible to see a better way to do things.

  4. What is the biggest challenge you have overcome in your career?
    Transitioning from a hospitality role as a barman to a role in HR. I often felt that I wasn’t seen as a viable candidate due to my previous experience, but I kept putting my name out there, worked in internships and roles that I had little interest in to gain experience and eventually got my foot in the door.

  5. What are the current challenges for women in your sector?
    Having a voice and being listened to. I think that being an ally to any group that are trying to get ahead is more about listening to what they need – not what you think they need.

  6. Which woman do you admire the most?
    My mother. She raised three children through difficult times both personally and financially to go on to be relatively successful adults. She did this with a lot of self-sacrifice but never once complained or saw it as a burden. She did it because it was the empathetic and moral thing to do.

  7. What action or decision have you taken that you are most proud of?
    Having kids of my own.

  8. What advice could you give to young women on how they can #ChooseToChallenge in their workplace?
    Tell me how I can help you.

  9. What is the best advice you have received to help you progress on your career?
    You can’t listen if you are talking.

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