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Global CEO, Mike Hughes, shares his plans for continued innovation, the biggest challenges for brands and the client feedback which has made him most proud...


Our Business is 20% strategy and 80% execution

"We have a continued focus on excellence in execution. Nothing happens unless something is sold and great delivery shouldn't be taken for granted and shouldn't be seen as a given...".


We are adding more investment for data science and insights

"Clients are often asking us to help them shape their future. They have masses of data but, having the resources to find their way through interpreting what that data means for them, is a challenge we hear a lot...".


Continuous development of digital tools for cost optimisation

"Our clients are all operating with scarce resources, so how does one deploy scarce resources and get the best impact, efficiency and effectiveness? We're proud to have developed our brand engagement app *shopt, a way for our brands to digitally engage with retailers...".



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