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Best in Class Specialty Cheese Expo

CPM Australia deliver 'Best in Class Specialty Cheese Expo'

The challenge

CPM Australia was engaged to create an exciting and innovative in-store retail activation program to provide shoppers with greater confidence and knowledge when purchasing specialty cheeses. In effort to break down the existing consumer barriers surrounding specialty cheeses, our mission was to create an entertaining environment where consumers could discover the versatility of these products.

Our Solution

To bring our speciality cheeses to life, a range of stimuli was used. To emphasize the local flavour, we created a welcoming ‘Farmers Market’ atmosphere where shoppers could relax, learn, taste and purchase. Plus, each ‘Farmers Market’ was equipped with a digital display to visually showcase how these recipes could be replicated and enjoyed at home.


The campaign was deemed ‘Best In Class’ by retailers and consumers alike. The ‘Market’ zone became an experiential sampling hotspot which was a leap forward from standard in-store sampling and demonstrations. Due to these premium brand activations, our client reaped the benefits of high sales as well as converting hundreds of thousands of local shoppers into advocates of specialty cheeses. As an added sweet spot, our demonstrators were recipients of awards from the retailers for their in-store efforts.

Case studies

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