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CPM ICC Barcelona celebrates Pride month and despite social distancing we stand united for LGBTQIA+ rights and freedom!


CPM International Contact Centre, as part of Omnicom Group, is committed to fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces where all employees, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or experience feel comfortable and confident in bringing their whole selves to work.


A culture of equality fosters trust, innovation, creativity and, ultimately, business success.  Being champions for diversity is our way of life and it is at the very centre of the CPM values that drive us every day. We are committed to creating a respectful work environment in which all of us feel free to be our true selves.


June is internationally recognised as the official Pride month, so it is time to celebrate our daily culture around diversity and inclusion. CPM’s efforts are strengthened through our engagement of and advocacy for our LBGTQIA+ employees and community during this month and beyond.


We embrace our colleagues through OPEN Pride, which provides opportunities for leadership, visibility, community involvement, networking and business growth. CPM continues to collaborate with numerous industry and community organizations to elevate diversity and inclusion conversations, and actions, in our workplaces and across the industry.



CPM has proudly sponsored the last three Pride! parades in Barcelona. Having progressed from a walking group in 2017 to a float in 2018, 2019 saw CPM have two floats in the Pride! parade and a stand in the official Pride! village. In total, a team of 200 people were involved last year, supporting with float design, float dressing, social media engagement, photography and most importantly, showing up to participate in the parade, representing CPM in the official annual event.​ Unfortunately, current social distancing measures have caused the suspension of this year’s activities but in separation, #UnitedWeStand and Pride will still happen online.


At CPM #EveryoneIsWelcome and we celebrate the diverse people working in our company. The pride events of 2019 were some of the greatest and most gratifying to partake in as this marked the 50-year anniversary since the Stonewall riots movement which was a turning point for the LGBTQIA+ community in achieving the much fought for rights which they have today. Whilst great strides have been made in the path to true equality, there is still much more to be done. The fight for freedom, dignity, respect and acceptance for LGBTQIA+ rights continues this year. The two CPM floats in 2019 showed the team spirit to the world and contributed to the great success of the event. CPM is committed to keep the visibility and we can’t wait to keep celebrating virtually this year! Because #PrideIsn’tSwhitchedOff



Being One with the Community

Did you know that CPM is a proud member of ACEGAL?

ACEGAL is a Catalan Gay and​ Lesbian Business Association​ aimed at the promotion and visibility of the LGTBI+ community, the defence of their individual and collective rights, as well as being a reference and interlocutor with the different public administrations. ACEGAL play a huge part in building up and organising PRIDE Barcelona each year and are the largest defence of LGBTQIA+ rights in Catalonia.


CPM collaborates with local organisations such as ACEGAL and PRIDE! to support LGBTQIA+ professionals living in Barcelona, a city with an open heart and respect for diversity in which CPM International Contact Centre is located.


OPEN Pride chapter in Barcelona

CPM is committed to not only celebrating the rich diversity of its workforce but also being a true champion of diversity. In setting up the first OPEN (Omnicom People Engagement Network) Pride chapter in Barcelona, CPM is committed to: ​

    1. Ensuring that we maintain a prominent position in our local community at PRIDE and other such events to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to celebrating the diversity of our workforce and providing a totally demonstrable inclusive work environment​.
    2.  Encouraging our workforce and clients to ensure that at all times, equality and inclusion of the communities that make up our diverse workforce remain at the forefront when making key decisions, both strategic and operational. ​CPM Pride 2019
    3. Continuing to provide an inclusive workplace in which our people can realise their true potential while also being true to themselves. In particular, we will ensure that people who identify as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community or as an ally, feel supported and safe.

This year, OPEN Pride is running the Instagram campaign Celebrating Pride Moment by Moment  to share the little moments that show what Pride means to you with the hashtag #MyMomentsOfPride as a small step towards accurate, intersectional representation. OPEN Pride ask you to reflect on its origins as a series of protests, many of which were spearheaded by people of color. We’d like to use this platform to lift up and amplify the voices of the Black LGBTQIA+ community and stand together against injustice.

“Pride is about the feeling. It’s about connection, expression, friendship, feeling seen and heard. Let’s celebrate those little moments that make us proud to be LGBTQ+ and allies



Tell Us Your Journey!

CPM Barcelona OPEN Pride chapter chair​ Christopher McDonnell says: “Having worked for CPM Barcelona for 5 years, it still never ceases to amaze me just how wonderful it is to see firsthand just how truly inclusive our workplace is. Whilst this is absolutely not limited to the LGBTQIA+ community, it is perhaps best highlighted by the sheer number of colleagues who have, during their time at CPM felt safe and supported to embark on a journey which has enabled them to live a life that is totally true and authentic to who they are. This has included coming out, embarking on their transition journey as well as making lifelong friends and allies.”

Chris has participated in the OPEN #MyMomentsOfPride campaign and he is looking forward to seeing how creative and adaptive the LGBTQIA+ community can be. Check out his video in OpenPrideMoments Instagram.




Matthew Shipman, CPM ICC colleague says: “I am originally from a small town on the outskirts of Sheffield and was never comfortable with myself until moving to Barcelona and starting work in CPM. During my time working with CPM I have met numerous people from all different types of backgrounds, everyone has always been very welcoming and never judgmental about appearance, sexuality, or opinions. Working in CPM and being a part of the community and culture finally gave me the confidence to be my true self and to accept myself for being homosexual which is never something I had considered to do at home. When this finally happened, I was never judged but in fact it was celebrated that I had taken this leap and now had the confidence to finally admit this to myself and those around me. This is why I love working in CPM, everyone is very supportive, and I believe this gave me the courage to change my life as well as many others within the company.” ​



We look forward to continuing our journey and hope that you will join us along the way!


#DiversityatCPM #EveryoneIsWelcome #SpiritofCPM #PrideIsn’tSwitchOff #MyMomentsOfPride #UnitedWeStand



Sales force outsourcing as a strategic model for agile businesses:  the collaboration between FRoSTA and CPM Italy


The speed required to respond to events has made companies more flexible, leading them to adopt more agile, rapid and dynamic approaches. In this landscape the sales outsourcing represents a strategic solution, as it allows businesses to establish, manage and monitor the direct relationship between costs and results in a flexible, scalable way.


Daniele Castagnini, National Sales Director at FRoSTA and Pierpaolo Bertocco, Managing Director at CPM Italy speak to MarkUP Magazine about the collaboration that brought to the development of an agile organisational model focusing on objectives and results, to achieve greater presence and wider product range and increase FMCG channel monitoring


Watch our video to see how CPM Italy has increased product availability in monitored retail outlets by over 30% in the first year. Working in collaboration at a strategic level to deliver growth plans across Europe, using an agile market and an in-house and outsourced retail field sales force.


The added value of a qualified sales force in an agile business model: the collaboration between Fitbit and CPM Italy


Everything changes and evolves. In a word were companies must adopt an increased flexible approach, both on the structure and on the business strategy, and consumer are increasingly well-informed and demanding, it is necessary to guarantee a field team made up of qualified professionals with a high commitment to the result, but it is also essential to provide regular, comprehensive training to in-store sales teams on a range of constantly evolving topics.


Giovanni Bergamaschi, Regional Director Southern Europe at Fitbit and Pierpaolo Bertocco, Managing Director at CPM Italy, speak about this at Mark-up


 Watch our video to see what Fitbit have to say about their relationship in collaboration with CPM Italy.


Get started with monitoring online product visibility

This free guide helps you choose the right solution for your business.


Using technology to monitor your products’ visibility online allows you to discover lost sales opportunities like never before: recurring sold-out issues, misrepresentations of your products, disappearance of hero products, SDA issues, and other lost sales opportunities.


However, with these type of solutions still being quite new, we understand you may have a lot of questions. What should you look out for when choosing such a solution? That and more is what we’re answering in this free guide.


This guide gives you insights into:

  • What to monitor
  • Which requirements to consider
  • What to expect from this type of service
  • How to choose the right solution for your business

We also hope to inspire you with the countless opportunities that come with monitoring online product visibility.


To download the guide click here to visit our partner website

e-commerce auditing


The top 6 online reseller KPI’s global brands care about

Are you a consumer brand looking to increase online sales? Then this guide is for you. In our KPI guide, we explain which 6 KPI’s successful global consumer brands are using and why.


Download our free guide if you’re looking to:

  • Identify lost sales opportunities
  • Understand how to track opportunities in your indirect sales channels
  • Get hands-on KPI’s to optimise sales channels online
  • Be inspired on how to react to issues quickly and continuously

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e-commerce auditing

Discover the most important parameters of e-commerce auditing and get practical advice on how to monitor your product visibility in online re-seller channels.


Download the guide to get insights on:

  • Why online auditing is so vital for products and brands
  • Key parameters that are crucial for monitoring
  • How the concepts of mystery shopping, audits and merchandising in physical stores translate to the online landscape
  • Pitfalls in online sales channels
  • How you can discover and fix sales leaks in online re-seller channels

To download the guide click here to visit our partner website

e-commerce auditinge-commerce auditing

“Our end of year Expert Speak comes from Mark Ridler, CFO at CPM who captures the essence of Procurement.   Mark trained and qualified in paper clip counting too many years ago to remember and since then has held various CFO and FD roles in the entertainment, marketing and communication industries. Most recently he has held positions at the centre within WPP and Omnicom negotiating local, regional and global client contracts focusing on terms and conditions and remuneration models specific to the clients’ engagement requirements. Mark is currently group CFO at CPM, Omnicom’s largest and best in class field sales and contact centre business’’.



Oh yep, it’s that time of year again.


From an outsider’s perspective, the yearly assault of increasingly-glossy Christmas adverts must surely paint a picture of an industry on the rise. After all, with that many celebrities shoved into a 60-second spot, how can marketing budgets be anything but bulging?


The truth is, overspending during the festive season isn’t a bad habit reserved for overzealous gift givers. Self-indulgent clients and self-congratulatory agencies can also be tempted to sprinkle a little magic during the cold dark days of December. The problem is, what happens for the other eleven months of the year?


After 10 years of austerity, it shouldn’t be surprising that marketing directors are increasingly unwilling to cut agencies a decent slice of a dwindling pie. And without a decent slice of the pie, it also shouldn’t be surprising that agencies are struggling to meet client expectations (which incidentally, never seem to dwindle).


But before you start placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of procurement, think again. A multitude of factors are at play here, and there are as many victims of budget decimation as there are villains. Every shareholder, CEO, CFO, consultant, and creditor has had a say in the matter. Add that to a volatile macroeconomic environment straining under the weight of red tape and legislation, and it soon becomes obvious that absolutely nobody has escaped unharmed, and that absolutely everybody is trying to do more for less.


Given the fact we’ve had over a decade to improve the situation, you’d think some progress would have been made. But in fact, the client-agency relationship seems to have remained paralysed, despite the clear paradigm shifts taking place in the background. Digital marketing has subsumed traditional advertising, fintech companies have broken apart established services industries, and big data has finally proved its capability to provide real-time, intelligent and predictive insights.


Yet these profound changes in the economic, commercial and product landscape seem to have had a disproportionately low effect on our business model. Agencies are not doing more for less, nor are they appearing ‘smarter’ to their clients. Relationships have not been forged based on trust and mutuality, interactions have failed to be open and transparent, and agencies have yet to become an indispensable part of the client DNA.


So how can we overcome this persisting desire to hold the agency relationship at arm’s length, and how can we start more effectively meeting client expectations?


Payment by Results seemed like a possibility, but to date it has failed to yield dividends for either party. And why would it? As a client, you want to see real value for what you pay for. That means if you pay a colossal day rate for a £500k creative director, you don’t expect to pay an additional bonus if he or she achieves the results their substantial salary would predict. As an agency, you don’t want to take the chance of achieving the same results with a far less experienced and inexpensive hire, since you can’t risk anything beyond the margin. Basically, everyone’s hands are tied, and neither party wants to stomach the unpredictability of the outcome. In summary: nice idea, but it’s never going to happen.


So what could happen?


Firstly, agencies could stop pining for that illusive 20% they are sure clients are hiding up their sleeves, and start acknowledging the reality of the situation. CFOs hand down budgets based on predicted business performance, and smart agencies should concentrate on ensuring that procurement doesn’t reduce that figure further. Basic logic.


Secondly, agencies could stop pretending they are experts at everything, and start collaborating with partners or appropriate third parties when the project requires it. A little bravery and honesty can go a long way here: the goal of the channel neutral agency is not to constantly showcase their excellence in all areas, but to help the marketing team achieve high quality and cost-effectiveness across the full scope of work. A win-win.


Thirdly, agencies could add in some nice to haves. Clients may not be hiding an extra 20% up their sleeves, but it never hurts to show them a few tempting possibilities that a more generous budget would allow. Worse-case scenario, these go straight into the procurement bin. A more optimistic scenario is that they decide to include some of these elements, but here comes the golden rule: if you add something in, don’t take something out that you’ll end up having to deliver for free anyway. Admittedly, this can be a hard conversation to engineer, but if you’re not brave and honest enough to have it, be prepared to wave goodbye to that agency margin.


Fourthly, agencies could spend far more time planning and preparing the ‘agreed’ scope of work and the inevitable procurement conversation. After all, a little work now can avoid a whole lot of pain later on. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that each and every line won’t be scrutinised by procurement: if you don’t have detailed and justified answers to their queries, that’s trust and transparency straight out the door. Put yourself in their shoes and crunch the figures – just how many hours, days or third party costs are truly needed to deliver the project? Why are there 30 days of account manager time down rather than 26 or 27? Be ready and willing to explain exactly what elements of the delivery will suffer if they cut out a cost: if they know the consequences, then they also must assume the risk.


Lastly, agencies could act savvier when it comes to ‘free’ work. It’s an unescapable part of the model, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be shared and celebrated. Create precise logs of what the client has received in the past, and what they can expect to receive moving forward. It’s a safe bet that the value of these complimentary services far exceeds that magical 20% both parties have been searching for. Now that’s a good measure for a good relationship.

On behalf of the whole business, I am delighted to announce that after a rigorous multi- stage tender process, CPM UK has been awarded an exciting new contract working with Samsung Electronics UK.


The contract includes the Television Audio Visual and Digital Appliances field and training teams.   CPM are thrilled and proud to have been awarded such a prestigious contract and to be working with this innovative brand that is truly leading the way in consumer electronics.   This award further strengthens CPM’s position as the number one sales agency across the globe.


The tender process gave CPM a  great opportunity to showcase our ideas, data analytics capability, innovation and above all our award winning talent programmes.   The contract includes the transfer of over 350 employees who will support the Samsung brand in 2020 and beyond, and we can’t wait to get started!  Our mission for Samsung is clear – to drive sales of the Samsung Electronics brand through amazing, personalised consumer experiences and retail staff training.


We are excited to be working with a premium field, training and promoter team and look forward to transferring and welcoming  new employees to our business in 2020.  Samsung joins a portfolio of many leading brands across a broad range of sectors including Technology, FMCG, Retail, DIY, Telco and many more.   At the heart of our success is our People and our continuous focus on acquiring, developing and retaining the very best talent in the industry.  For further information on how we do this and what our people think about CPM then please click here or you can visit for more information on what it’s like working for us.



Karen Jackson

Managing Director, CPM UK


Balance for Better

November, 28th 2019 – Barcelona


CPM Barcelona takes home two Silver awards in Most effective improvement program category and Best quality management team category at European Contact Centre and Customer Experience Awards 2019


We are delighted to announce that CPM’s International Contact Centre in Barcelona took home Silver in the Most Effective Improvement Program Award category and Best Quality Management Team Award category at European Contact Centre and Customer Experience Awards 2019.


The 19th edition of the ECCCSA recognised organisations across Europe that are leading the way in delivering exceptional service to customers. Winners were announced at an awards dinner ceremony held at Evolution venue at Battersea Park in London on the 26th of November.

Following a multi-stage award submission process, which included a face-to-face finalist presentation competing against 9 other shortlisted agencies, CPM’s Airbnb team won the silver medal crediting the projects La Laguna and La La Land project as the most effective improvement program.


Likewise, CPM Airbnb Quality Team won silver medal in the Best Quality Management Team Award category amongst 8 other nominated competitors. This recognition highlights the brilliant job of our Quality Team in innovating the end to end approach to quality management for Airbnb hosts and guests.


“I am enchanted that our innovative and creative approach to transforming core working processes has been recognized by both our partner Airbnb and by top industry professionals. Effectiveness derives from people-oriented projects and I am proud the team was able to adapt to new circumstances, maintaining engagement and commitment simultaneously driving a focus on the metrics and the drive to excellence. “ said Tom Johnston, Business Unit Director at CPM Barcelona.

Furthermore, we would like to make a special mention to our other CPM Finalists. The nominations recognize the excellence in customer experience delivery, and we are immensely proud CPM is multi accoladed:
• Best outsourcing partnership – Agilent Technologies & CPM
• Best contact centre support team – CPM BCN Talent and development team


About the ECCCSA
As the longest running and largest awards programme in the customer contact industry, the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards (ECCCSAs) recognise organisations across Europe that are leading the way in delivering exceptional service to customers.
Highly regarded for its robust judging process, the ECCCSAs award organisations that value their people, continually innovate to improve the customer experience, and operate efficiently and effectively.
Being an ECCCSA winner is a prestigious accolade that has proven to raise the profile of the contact centre operation, its capabilities and its stars.
Now in their 19th year, the programme is seeing incredible growth with 19 countries participating in 2018 and over 1,200 people attended the awards evening representing the most senior customer experience professionals in Europe, as well as key industry influencers on customer contact.


About CPM International Contact Centre – Barcelona
CPM Barcelona, as part of CPM Group and a member of the Omnicom Group, is an international contact centre delivering outsourced customer experience and sales solutions on an EMEA-wide basis. CPM specialises in the delivery of omnichannel customer engagement solutions for global clients spanning High Tech, Consumer Electronics, FMCG, Retail and Travel industries and currently covers 26 languages across 71 markets.


For further information, contact:
Rachel Doyle | M: +34 638 140 620 | E: |W:

Our latest Expert Speak comes from Lorraine Butler, MD at CPM Ireland  on ‘Outsource Employee Benefits – Opportunity Cost or Loss?


Why do brands outsource their sales functions? For sure a significant reason is the flexibility, scalability, agility & expertise that outsource companies such as CPM can offer. However, for many brands, cost savings is also a significant driver and often the primary reason organisations look to outsource their sales functions. ‘Sales outsourcing is expected to be cheaper than the fully loaded cost of employing salespeople’ – Wikipedia’s opening answer as to Why Organisations outsource their Sales functions.  In many client driven commercial models, costs associated with employee benefits such as health care, pension, maternity leave are often minimised or eliminated. With economic prosperity experienced by most markets across the developed world, comes a war for talent which gets tougher each quarter. Brands partnering with outsource agencies have a decision to make – is the cost of minimising employee benefits costing brand growth in the longer term?


Organisations today have an understandable focus on diversity in the workplace; gender, demographic & ethnic balance. Such movements are admirable and, in many cases, very much needed to create an enriched workplace and a platform for sustainable organisational growth. However, such movements also come with a price – literally. Gender quota’s see a strive for increased levels of females in certain disciplines. Salary levels and often more importantly benefit packages determine the levels of female interest in roles. Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trend Survey shows that the No. 1 influencing factor in females applying for roles is the level of family related benefits included in the package.  Family benefits such as maternity leave & healthcare are seen as ‘a given’ in an employee market place, yet many organisations haven’t recognised or allowed for the costs of such benefits in outsource budgets. Unless this changes, making progress with gender balance in the workplace will not happen as quickly as the general market expects. And outsource partnerships risk becoming tactical in nature with a vicious talent cycle hindering brand growth.


Competition amongst outsource agencies, coupled with procurement teams expertly focusing on costs doesn’t help this cause. However, outsourcing leaders need to take steps in changing the conversation with customers. Unless it is accepted that there is joint commercial accountability to drive diversity & calibre in the workplace by both brands and outsourcers, brands will never realise the value of a diverse workplace that they could and should. And Wikipedia’s answer to why organisations outsource will never move from Cost to Growth.


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