IT and technology have been the fastest growing and dynamically evolving sectors for the last 30 years. That is why constant innovation is at the heart of CPM's award winning Technology Group.

Our tech and IT teams deliver vigorous field sales, brand ambassador and technical training solutions to and for some of the world’s largest technology and mobile communications brands.


Highly trained, technology specific retail experts work across in-store, off-site and online channels to actively drive sales and provide in-depth technical customer support.


Technology sales and customer support requires specialist merchandising, a thorough understanding of compliance, knowledgeable and engaging product demonstrations and a wealth of retail experience that is only available from CPM.


Winning experiential promotions, active selling, insightful mystery shopping and high-quality auditing are only half the story. CPM's technology ambassadors are the other half. Their clear purpose, to increase sales and improve retail traction, is achieved by winning the hearts and minds of store management and staff by becoming an enthusiastic member of their in-store team.


CPM’s Technology Academy, managed by our own dedicated Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Technology Trainer, delivers brand and product focussed specialists who deliver exceptional sales results.

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