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Multi-Lingual Customer Experience
The challenge

CPM are one of 10 global partners delivering a high performance, high quality, culturally focused first and second tier customer service.  We support the Airbnb community of guests and hosts worldwide.
Our multilingual, CX crewbies all have a passion for travel and great life experiences.
To ensure that Airbnb guests receive “Exceptional Customer Experience” in line with Airbnb values.
Our mission is to support Airbnb to become the Most Loved CX Team across the Globe.

Our Solution

For the first phase rollout, CPM recruited and trained 15 multilingual, highly skilled customer service specialists. Due to the success of Airbnb and their trust in the CPM account team we have grown over 5 years to 600+ customer specialists (Crewbies), operations managers, leads, certified trainers and QA coaches, real time analysts and work force managers.
The team provide a multichannel, first and second tier customer support handling trip and non trip related enquiries and situations.
Ongoing, in-depth product knowledge training provided to promote brand advocacy and ensure an Exceptional Customer Experience is provided to all Airbnb customers.
A culture bearer team set up to ensure preservation of Airbnb’s culture through events and team lead activities.


In 2016 our CPM Crewbies had the highest NPS scoring across the entire global network for 8/12 months
In 2017 we are 30% more productive than the second closest vendor and have maintained NPS at the vendor benchmark.
The team handled over 1,5 million contacts last year.

Case studies

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