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Trophée Action Commerciale 2014

Since 2011, Cristalco and IGLO France, two manufacturers sharing a strong ambition for the French market, rely on CPM France for the management of their shared outsourced sales force. This innovative solution has helped them achieving a more efficient and better national coverage of the outlets they target, within a controlled budget, and thus increasing their sales.

To increase the brands of both manufacturers, CPM France has deployed a shared sales force of 33 people on the field to cover 2,500 outlets. In this flexible and sustainable model based on a tripartite relationship, CPM France guarantees each client a fair 50%/50% service.

Awarded “Best Outsourced Sales Force 2014”, the solution has proven its benefits: the jury was convinced by its audacity, the trust and transparence shared by all three stakeholders, as well as its strong outcomes.

“The key success factors? A shared commercial vision and sales front, transparency, flexibility and a very good referee!”, emphasised Eric Girard, Sales and Marketing Director of Cristalco, and Laurent de Bellescize, Sales Director of IGLO France.

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