CPM is all about people; those of us that work here, our suppliers, clients and their customers, and everyone who connects with the business and our activities.
We believe in making a positive difference to people’s lives and to the communities in which we operate.
CPM and Omnicom are committed to long-term Corporate Social Responsibility. We are serious about our values, our company culture and the world that we contribute to. The challenges that we set ourselves and the joy of directly improving the lives of people around us prove that CSR can also be great fun. CPM are proud supporters of International Women's Day and PRIDE, encouraging all our employees to participate each year
Omnicom become a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact i n 2016 and CPM has focussed on four of it's Sustainable Development Goals; Community, People, Environment and Governance.
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Our Commitment

We encourage our people to adopt the healthy work-life balance that is enshrined in the spirit of CPM. It’s all about taking on personal challenges, having fun and giving back to the community.
CPM has always and will always support the community around us. This promise manifests itself in a variety of forms from encouraging sport, health and fitness to education and active environmental support.
Our workplace culture promotes inclusion, diversity and employee engagement. CPM has always set the highest ethical standards and encourages others to do the same.
CPM operations are monitored and evaluated to minimise the company’s environmental footprint through increased efficiency. Sustainability is as much a part of our commitment to continuous innovation as improving our performance and services.
Whether we are representing our clients, or ourselves CPM maintains the highest ethical standards and complies with all legal and regulatory codes at industry, national and international level.

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