About us
At CPM we make it our business to know your business inside out. We are proud to have worked with more than 80% of our clients for more than ten years.

Growing brands and increasing sales is what we do. We achieve that by providing a range of integrated sales solutions that increase your sales. With innovation at the heart of our business, we are always finding new ways to drive sales and measurable ROI.

Our mission

To grow our clients’ business using insight to create influence and drive sales.

Using the power of information and experience to determine future activities

Create an emotional relationship to effect beliefs and behaviours

Driving growth for our clients through insight and influence

Our solutions

Global footprint

CPM operates across 35 countries worldwide.

Key facts

We will make more than 15 million visits to retail stores this year.
We will carry out over 1.5 million demos/sampling days this year.
Our contact centres will handle more than 27 million customer conversations this year.
We have over 34,000 people working for you.

Our history

1938: The company became known as Counter Product Marketing
1964: Head office staff count reaches 10, turnover reaches £100,000!
1970s: The 70’s brought rapid growth CPM continues to work on key household brands
1985: Mars win accelerates CPM to the No.1 spot in the UK for field marketing / field sales. CPM has remained No.1 in the UK to the present day
1988: CPM 's changes logo removing 'Counter Product Marketing'
1990s: CPM acquires its first Telemarketing Contact Centre in Newbury
1994: CPM Melbourne office opened
1997: CPM now has offices in France, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands and Spain
2003: DAS takes over the majority share of CPM Australia
2004: CPM sets up strategic alliance with Stein to increase its German footprint
2008: CPM scoops a GOLD Award at the annual Field Marketing Magazine Awards
2008: CPM wins the UK Agency Award
2009: CPM launches a.i.r, a specialist shopper marketing division
2009: CPM launches an Automotive division
2011: CPM opens Asia Pacific office in Singapore
2011: CPM wins Agency of the Year Award for Contact Centre, Experiential / Consumer Activation and Field Marketing
2012: CPM UK launches its mystery shopper division, offering clients a holistic approach and aiding CPM in gaining valuable insight to drive the influence of consumers and to deliver sales for its clients
2013: CPM UK win IGD My Manager Award
2014: CPM Thailand opens
2015: InventaCPM in Italy win European IMC Gold Award
2016: CPM launch a new online merchandising tool ‘detail’
2017: Let the bells ring out and the banners fly, CPM is delighted to announce that all our entries for the Irish Sales Champion Awards 2017 have been shortlisted.   https://ch.cpm-int.com/blog/awards/irish-sales-awards-2017/
1936: A small company was established offering 'salesmen for hire' in FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Government and Utilities
1940: CPM nears closure due to wartime hardship
1969: “Below the Line Promotions” (BLP) set up to provide an all female team of field sales promoters
1984: CPM moves into the grocery and independent sectors
1986: CPM opens in Ireland
1989: CPM becomes part of Omnicom
1993: CPM continues to grow in Europe with new offices in Belgium and France
1996: CPM opens 2nd office in Australia (Sydney)
1998: CPM acquires its fourth European Call Centre
2004: CPM Barcelona Contact Centre opens as an EMEA multi-lingual hub
2008: CPM opens an office in India
2008: CPM acquires TRO – the largest Experiential Agency in the UK
2009: CPM continues to increase global footprint with offices opened in the USA and Vietnam
2009: CPM scoops Field Marketing Agency of the Year award at the annual Field Marketing Magazine Awards
2011: CPM launches a dedicated Digital division
2011: CPM acquires Unisono and establishes CPM China
2012: CPM opens Singapore office
2013: CPM opens Hong Kong office
2014: CPM opens an office in Northern Ireland
2015: CPM Asia Pac appoint an associate partner in Philippines to expand our global footprint
2016: CPM Belgium introduce www.mysalesrep.be
2017: Launch of new logo and website