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The results from the World Economic Forum on the Gender Equality Gap 2020 remind us there’s still a long way to go to true gender parity.


99.5 years they estimate.


Luckily companies like CPM have been championing equality and diversity for decades.


Owned by the Omnicom group, they’ve been a global force in the outsourced field sales and marketing landscape for the last 85 years, now operating within 35 countries across the globe.


Creating an inclusive culture is nothing new to the CPM Teams, it’s in their DNA, reflected in the fact that 50% of the group’s senior leadership is female.


Step inside this progressive organisation and see how they’re actioning the change we need to see.  


CPM has supported #IWD since 1997.


Mike Hughes, CPM’s CEO says: “CPM has always been a gender-diverse business but like many things, there is more we can and will do.


Supporting IWD allows us to celebrate the achievements of the thousands of women who work for CPM throughout the world and I would like to thank all of you for what you do for CPM, for each other, for our clients and for our and your communities.


Through our owners Omnicom, we are fortunate and happy to be able to actively participate in global initiatives such as OPEN and Omniwomen*; this makes our company a more diverse, equal and inclusive environment which in turn allows us to do the best job for our clients by reflecting the societies in which we live and work.


I really like this year’s IWD theme ‘Choose To Challenge’. A challenged world is an alert world and I would like to think all our colleagues feel able to call out gender bias and inequality and to be treated to be seriously and with respect when you do, but if you don’t this is the year for that to change and I would encourage you all to exercise your ability to choose to challenge”.





Michelle Tugwell, CPM’s new Chief People Officer says over the coming years they’ll harness a global strategy. Currently, a lot is done at local level albeit with joined-up initiatives through OPEN & Omniwomen and its annual summit.


Michelle’s passionate about creating a truly diverse and inclusive culture whilst challenging traditional stereotypes in the workplace.


She states how important it is that people feel they can be themselves and benefit from an inclusive, supportive team around them.


Having never been overtly ‘ambitious’ and being open about sometimes lacking in confidence herself, she learnt she was capable of doing increasingly more senior jobs from the confidence others (both female and male bosses) had in her.


“As a company, we’re big on mentorship. I’ve seen from personal experience when others have confidence in you, you believe you’re capable too”. 


Mentoring and leading by example comes naturally to CPM.



Karen Jackson MD of CPM UK was the first UK female MD in 2014 and in 2021 is co-chair of Omniwomen UK.

Karen says it was CPM’s investment in sponsorship and mentoring that made a big difference to her self-belief.


“I was very lucky to have 2 great female sponsors at CPM. They encouraged me, championed me, and gave me the confidence to believe I could take on more senior leadership roles”.


She now helps inspire other future female leaders across CPM and its subsidiary companies Hyphen & Cosine.



Luci Beaufort -Dysart – Director of Hyphen is joining Karen on the Omniwomen committee this year and is excited to help shape the events and 2021 year-long programme. For Luci, investing in a company’s culture is only ever a good thing.


“I had a couple of female bosses in my former career who really championed me and taught me how important it is to: treat everyone with respect, not to dwell on the inevitable things that go wrong and to build relationships with people at every level”.  


She believes getting along with your colleagues is key to getting the most out of your work.


“I’m one of the senior leads on our internal sports and social committee. Driving this forward is something I feel passionately about”. 



Kirstin Knight –Group Manager of Cosine, joined CPM’s subsidiary company just 18 months ago. Whilst she’s keen to point out she’s enjoyed working with inspiring male and female colleagues since joining the CPM family, she says it’s refreshing to be part of a company with so many women in senior roles.


“One of the most challenging things for me to overcome as a female leader has been balancing my career with raising my kids; especially as one of my children has special needs.  In my former career, I had to tell a few white lies to attend medical appointments (there were so many!), which I’m ashamed to admit. 


Because of my experiences, I want to commit to being as supportive and flexible as I can be so no other parent – male or female feels they can’t cope anymore”. 





How brilliant is it to hear this sort of honest dialogue?



Veronique Motte– CEO, CPM France talks about how she’s been able to be both Presidente and a Mother:


“CPM has been a part of my life for 18 years and as CEO of the French Group the last 13 years, there have been challenges. 


CPM has become my second family, my second pillar. I’m able to do this role by putting in a lot of work, being tenacious and with thanks to tremendous relationships (both male and female), which enable me to achieve a good balance between personal and professional life, because the time devoted to my two daughters is the most precious to me”. 









On the issue of achieving that elusive balance (family + career), it’s worth talking about flexibility in the workplace. 

CPM is a People business, offering a wide variety of career opportunities in an array of disciplines, some of which are part-time or tactical/project-based. So, there’s always been a degree of flexibility ingrained within their culture.


While many commentators have spoken about their hope that the post-pandemic world will begin to reset many of the imbalances in society, CPM are in a brilliant position to catapult off the back of the great work they’ve already done.


Michelle says that everyone has adapted so well to working from home, they’re reviewing their working practices to see how elements of this can remain in the future.




Diversity & Flexibility 

Within a world of increasing diversity, accelerated by globalisation and the ability to remote work (thanks COVID), we expect work expectations to change, from both employees and employers alike.


CPM are committed to embracing diversity and flexibility.



Lorraine Butler – MD of CPM Ireland says she wants CPM to challenge themselves to consider the diversity of how family units are created and aligning support for employees around this, as a means to helping create concentrated change. 


“At CPM Ireland, we’re currently looking into how we can implement incremental support(s) for families going through fertility treatment, ensuring people have the bandwidth and freedom to go through this challenging experience without the additional challenges of worrying about keeping this hidden from work”.  


Lorraine also points out another issue of huge importance here:


 “Given people are our greatest asset, we need to be mindful of ageism”. 


As far as both diversity (gender, age & race) and inclusivity go, this couldn’t be more poignant today.


The female workforce aged 50-64 has grown 50% in the last 10 years.


The outdated view that women of a certain age just want to wander off into a menopausal fog or coast their way into retirement, is completely off the mark.


CPM value equality and diversity across gender, age and ethnicity and develop staff throughout their careers.


Gender equality 

CPM works hard to understand the challenges that women face in their careers, not just around family but as the gender more likely to suffer from imposter syndrome (or admit to it anyway), and be judged by their age and the conditions that can accompany these life stages.


Veronique says gender equality is part of CPM’s DNA.


“Every year we ensure we make changes and one example is with our gender equality index. Last year we increased our score by 9 points (97/100). The fact our Executive committee is 50% female spreads inclusivity into the whole company. This year I’m committing to even more involvement, Co-Chairing Omniwomen France.” 


Recruitment and attraction 

With an understanding of the importance of finding new talent, from more diverse backgrounds and via more diverse sources, CPM has established a new recruitment strategy in the UK and are looking at replicating this across the group.


They work hard to ensure their advertising and selection process is free from gender bias. By decoding ad copy and job descriptions to eliminate words with unconscious bias and using creative containing more balanced representation from all walks of life. Plus, they’re placing increased emphasis on ‘will versus skill’. Focusing more on behaviours and attitude versus direct experience, they’ve seen an increase in the diversity of applications. 


And finally, CPM is choosing to challenge old-fashioned stereotypes common in the workplace. 

Michelle is a huge advocate of being open, honest and genuine.


CPM has been focused on supporting employee’s mental wellbeing, making a variety of tools and resources available, and have recently trained a team of Mental Health First Aiders.


They also operate a menopause policy, looking to protect their employees’ wellbeing in whatever way they can.


By speaking out and encouraging honesty, CPM hope the future of work will alter unconscious behaviours and attitudes for the better.


And as Lorraine Butler reminds us, Anita Roddick had some excellent advice:

“If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito”! 


With CPM #ChooseToChallenge and taking action week in week out, it might be less than 99.5 years until gender parity is in touching distance.

Watch this CPM space

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What you can do today to lead the CX transformation this year and beyond


2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Yet is has also been a period of opportunities to fuel innovation and turn over strategies in a matter of days or weeks rather than setting monthly or annual plans. According to Precisely, almost 90% of organisations have updated their Customer Experience (CX) strategies in response to the pandemic.


Shifting to new models in real time require a foundation: business agility. In an increasingly hyper-connected world, consumers are demanding 24/7 multi-channel support and greater intimacy with brands. Trust, visibility, and immediacy are predicted to be key in a touchless environment.


Integrating flexibility into your overall CX strategies will enable your business to keep up with the pace of change. In 2021, we envision Contact Centres will continue to evolve into true Experience Hubs as greater methods of contact will be embraced to match fast-changing consumer behaviours and new technologies.


Understanding trends help companies anticipate. What can you do today to lead the CX transformation in 2021 and beyond?


1. Expand contact channels: Omnichannel with Digital focus

Investing in a cloud-based omnichannel solution will allow your business to expand the channels of contact and respond in real time. Today, contact centres need to handle much more than phone calls. Customers seek support via messaging, self-serve, social media, email, app, etc.

You need to be ready to address customer issues and concerns quickly and in their preferred channel, to create better experiences and in turn, happier customers.


Social distancing has contributed to a much wider adoption of Digital as the channel of choice across all generations. Forrester predicts there will be a 40% increase in digital customer service interactions in 2021.


To accommodate this demand, brands will add more and invest in new channels as they become popular. For instance, with emerging “smart tech” devices and the Internet of things (IoT), users no longer require a hand-held device to ask for support.


This year and more than ever, digital will occupy a pivotal role in the customer experience.



2. Rely on technology and automation: Efficiency through Artificial Intelligence

AI and Machine Learning is evolving rapidly. Chatbots, virtual assistants, interactive voice response (IVR) or natural language processing (NPS) have proved to drive efficiencies by automating simpler contact centre tasks that were previously managed manually by an agent.


Automation aims to successfully handle some of those interactions through intelligent algorithms without interference of a human, leading not only to cost and time efficiencies, but also enhanced customer satisfaction through speedy case resolution. According to an Uberall study, 80% of people who interacted with a chatbot had an excellent experience.


By implementing intelligent IVR solutions, CPM have seen up to 36% of consumers successfully completing the end-to-end CX process through self-serve. Thereby allowing live agents to handle the more complex queries, while AI supports transactional cases.


Understanding human and virtual agents are co-workers rather than competitors is crucial to make the most out of CX technology. The potential opportunities of Machine learning are exponential with some till unknown, and so the importance of harnessing digital and human contact strategies will be key in the coming years.



3. Optimise your resources: Remote Working and Peak Demand challenges

Work-From-Home is here to stay, and companies should learn to manage decentralised teams. This can be a challenge when engaging employees, but it offers a positive side: flexibility.


Empowering agents with the ability to influence their working hours and environment can translate into lower agent turnover, higher productivity, and greater employee loyalty. Additionally, companies can maximise talent pool and access key languages in high demand while reducing costs.


Furthermore, remote working models offer contact centres scheduling flexibility and greater availability of agents to tap into during seasonal and unexpected peak demands. This dynamic resourcing approach works extremely well in times of crisis management such as the peak customer service demand in industries like travel during the Covid-19 situation.


Resource optimisation is also achieved through the combination of human and digital forces. Robotic means must be managed together with human agents, as one integrated workforce. CPM achieved 50% headcount efficiencies for one client by blending complementary teams and introducing automation.



4. Analyse consumer behaviours: Data leads to Personalisation

Today, an increasing number of companies are employing Customer Analytics to better understand their clients and to capitalise on that information. With increasing actionable data-rich technology, reporting and analytics are expected to be a true competitive advantage in 2021.


Knowing what influences consumers, how they feel, and what they think help brands fill in the gap and play to generate the maximum impact and ultimately convert consumers to purchase. Real time reporting speeds up that process by driving actionable insight and in turn, continuous improvement in the end users experience.


CPM is investing in a wide variety of business intelligence tools including emotional recognition, sentiment analysis, speech analytics, and predictive analytics, which enable data-driven personalisation. By understanding each consumer, we can deliver tailored services whichprovide added value and connect at a true emotional level.


Data-driven personalization can also reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50% (Adweek) while improving the quality of the customer experience. According to Forrester , 25% of brands expect to achieve statistically significant advances in CX quality in 2021.



5. Enhance employee experience: Groundwork for improved customer satisfaction

Parallel to workforce optimisation, Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) is rising as a decisive CX trend in 2021. A Frost & Sullivan study on WEM found that 89% of companies improving contact centre engagement will significantly enhance the quality of customer experience.


By implementing tools that motivate, recognize, and engage employees, your company can nurture your workforce to become highly effective, knowledgeable, and committed. This includes learning and development, collaborative software, well-being initiatives and a strong company culture.


Moreover, as remote working becomes more mainstream, a greater emphasis on belonging is needed. Fostering this unifying force is the groundwork of diversity and inclusion policies that will boost a shared sense of purpose and therefore higher engagement.


Delivering an exceptional customer experience becomes the end goal for any brand, but a positive or negative brand experience comes from the interactions your customers have with your employees. Happy and engaged agents create better experiences, which ultimately leads to more satisfied and loyal customers.


Customer Experience is a crucial differentiator in today’s business and will continue shaping the competitive landscape in 2021. Customer expectations are skyrocketing and each interaction matters. How are you responding to that?


At CPM we are already helping our clients transition from customer service into experience hub. We are experts in designing optimal customer engagement strategies for developing and fostering relationships between brands and customers.
Contact us at to transform CX trends into real competitive advantage and best-in-class CX.






Uncovering key considerations on how to ramp up resources for seasonal sales periods


Are you preparing for Black Friday 2020 but find it challenging to set up a flawless back-office customer support team?


Forecasting the necessary resources can be a hurdle, and even more difficult with the current market uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. eCommerce sales are expected to raise but integrating digital channels into the Customer Experience (CX) strategy is not so straightforward.


If you are finding it tricky to successfully plan and operate peak demands, keep reading.


Operating within the eCommerce landscape for a wide variety of clients, CPM International Contact Centre have developed unparalleled expertise dealing with the seasonal peaks and troughs related to sales, product launches, returns and in some instances, handling unexpected volume demands. By combining omnichannel strategies, flexible resource models and operational know-how, we constantly deliver a seamless experience for the end customer, no matter the sales period.


The impact of Black Friday week is not only on the sales and eCommerce Support department but it also affects recruitment, training, IT teams, and many other areas of the business. The preparation for this November commerce period can start up to 12 months in advance. Yet, specifically in our business we see a peak from September onwards with hiring and onboarding induction. Some of our clients work in a unique way as they update their forecast on a monthly basis, but for a relatively small, core team, this can create some challenges to manage the operation successfully.


Our holistic approach to peak demand planning is tailored to every client according to their needs. We closely design the ramp up strategy together with our client partners resulting in better performance management, deep employee engagement, exceptional customer satisfaction and ultimately, higher sales. During 2019 Black Friday season, CPM delivered €5 Million in sales for our eCommerce Contact Centre clients.


In this article, we are uncovering what business areas are critical to preparing for a successful Black Friday and provide you with best practices on how the operational manager and CX teams can build and work on a structured plan encompassing 3 core areas: business, client, and people.


1. Business area: Dynamic Resourcing

Firstly, you should determine where resources should be allocated within the business. When using a dynamic resource model, budget and headcount vary on a monthly basis according to expected fluctuating demand. For a contact centre careline this implies:

  • New approach to recruitment: revise agent profiling to look for people that are more flexible, fast to learn and adaptable to change, with versatile interview assessment.
  • Induction training: generic onboarding sessions for time saving.
  • Flexible contracts: enabling the business to hire more part-timers, and introducing new working schedules around the arrival pattern, hence, minimizing the impact during opening time.


2. Client area: Operational Optimisation and Transparent Reporting

Secondly, operational excellence is key to delight customers. We work closely with our client partners to revise the procedures and streamline the day to day operations; adopting a continuous improvement approach:

  • We optimize resources by sharing agents across different operational teams, driving cost efficiencies and improving our knowledge base.
  • Create new analyst roles responsible for reviewing CSAT results and quality assessments to provide insight and build the plan for the future.
  • We build robust tailor-made reports delivering consistent insight on the customer journey and share NPS reports with the client.
  • Consider investing in reporting tools such as Power BI to enable arrival patterns tracking versus forecasting on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  • Improve CRM platform configurations to drive efficiency among the team.
  • Integrate technology into your omnichannel strategy. CPM develops chatbot solutions (Answerbot) to support during peaks and enabling automation of transactional contacts.


3. People area: Employee Experience

Thirdly, remember great employee experience equals great customer experience. So, make their work-life easier, motivating, and enjoyable – especially during the accelerated operating rhythm driven by sales peak. Some tips for enhanced people experience that will lead to high performance are:

  • Introduce employee engagement surveys: allow your team to have a say, and be transparent by sharing their feedback and outcomes during a team’s session. Allocate budget for employee engagement activities, boosting team building.
  • Revise the incentive plan: ensure people feels motivated and valued while stimulating productivity.
  • Career development: during the peak it can be arduous to maintain the standard 1to1 session with every employee, therefore you can introduce group sessions. Still, it is important to map clear individual career development, not only to reinforce your structure for the future, but to ensure your people have the opportunity to stay and grow within the business.
  • We review work-flows and provide templates in order to support the team and to provide a consistent responses to customers.
  • We offer our people stability and job security during the off-peak periods with options to reduce hours or work on other CPM operational teams.


As CPM work with clients operating in a wide range of sectors, their peaks and troughs fall on different times of the year. This allows us to manage our resources across different projects having all busy sales periods covered and avoiding idle staff. For instance, an agent recruited for Black Friday, has the opportunity to move within our business in line with another client peak. This help us to drive cost efficiencies by reducing the cost of new hire and training.


With flexible resource models we can offer our clients the security to have efficient resources to manage sales peaks. Being flexible and sharing resources helps to avoid backlog situations, and ensure we have happy, engaged and retained staff. We have been able to reduce backlog from 28 to 0 days for one of our clients in just few months and reduce employee turnover by 38%.



We invest time into reviewing different operational and delivery models, offering transparency and flagging potential risks. We encourage involvement from our clients and approach this in a collaborative and agile way. Some of our existing clients work with multiple partners on global basis and have replicated our business and delivery model across other programmes to offer a consistent customer experience. CPM have transformed its eCommerce Contact Centre Programmes to agile and flexible omnichannel solutions with Customer Experience excellence at its core.


We don’t know what 2021 will look like. This year has certainly evidenced we can’t always plan for the future. However, we believe the industry needs models that are flexible enough to cope with challenges that you can’t yet foresee, so you can be ready to adapt in a very proactive way.


What if getting ready for Black Friday could be a smooth endeavour? Contact us at if you would like to master your eCommerce sales and customer support regardless of your business seasonal fluctuating demand.




Our latest Expert Speak comes from Pierpaolo Bertocco, CPM Italy, on omnichannel retail and e-commmerce.


During the Italian event IT’S ALL RETAIL, organized by Brainz, which brought together the main Retail, GDO and Fashion players to talk about challenges and market opportunities, Pierpaolo Bertocco outlined CPM’s point of view on sales in an increasingly phygital context and stressed the relevance of identifying promptly online sales threats and having access to a flow of steadily updated insights on sales.


How are sales changing in an increasingly phygital context?

The increase in online sales due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic is plain to see.
Over a couple of months we saw what would normally happen in a few years (5 according to a recent report by IBM). The impact was on the switch between physical and online sales on one hand, and on the driver of the transformation on the other. To explain; until a few months ago digital sales were driven by technology and companies. The Big players (Amazon, Alibaba, etc) first, followed by sector companies, have made available e-commerce and delivery platforms and services, anticipating a latent need for most consumers, except perhaps the big cities and the youngest generations. With the pandemic the consumer is more and more the decision maker, he is the hare or rather the conductor.

An orchestra conductor who has made the smartphone his baton, directing his purchasing decisions based on ratings, reviews and, of course, the availability of product information.

According to a study by the Politecnico of Milan University and the research institute Nielsen, 58% of individuals that bought online had not done so before. Furthermore, 83% of these stated that they would continue to buy online even post-Covid.  The percentage of online buyers goes up to 80% if we consider the European data of Detail’s study done in partnership with Kantar.  We all know that e-commerce has seen a significant increase in sales, especially in the first weeks of the lockdown – 81% more than in 2019, according to data reported by Nielsen – this trend is confirmed: IBM stated that purchases in department stores will decrease by 60% at the end of the year, while e-commerce would grow by around 20%. Additionally, 80% of shoppers consult their smartphones on purchases they’re about to make in a physical store.

What we see at CPM, not only in Italy but through comparison between the countries we in which we operate internationally, is that the near future represents a great challenge for the CEOs of every sector and even more so for Sales Directors. In the coming months they will find themselves having to understand how to manage a strong change in the weight of purchase channels, and consequently in the distribution chain, and particularly of their mindset and their digital skills. And, of course, omnichannel. This is a race with no finish line.


The pandemic has accelerated the transition from retail to e-commerce: making sure that your products are visible on the channels of online retailers has become even more crucial. What can be done?

Common practices for physical retail, such as monitoring and developing stock levels, product availability, consumer information, and last but not least, sales and competitors’ audit, have moved massively on-line, for the reasons mentioned before. Those brands that use retailers (primarily Amazon but also other e-commerce retailers), rather than their own platforms, often have to – it seems a nonsense – check by hand, maybe sample by sample, what happens to their online offer.

The product search landscape is changing and being visible in Google is no longer enough. Retailers have become complex search engines using algorithms to rank products on the digital shelf. Furthermore, retailers are willing to have (and display) the largest selection of products. Within this context, imagine a product, perhaps food specifically for intolerances with the wrong description, or a fake brand product sold by third parties, or trivially indexed on the parameters of size and characteristics (a smart tv for example)  which therefore does not appear in the search by potential shoppers. This is easy to image. However, it’s not as easy to image the potential loss of business, especially if the consumer tastes the product offline and then buys it online, maybe even while they are in the store.

There are some platforms that support online product management on all aspects mentioned above and Detail is the partner that CPM uses to maximize product visibility, monitor sales and, ultimately, help to push online sales. “Polite” spyders work at night when there is less traffic, adapting to the time zones of each country, without disturbance, and returning daily the point of the situation allowing the leadership to remedy or make informed decisions.

An example? On average, even before the pandemic, 40% of online products were categorized incorrectly3 or sold out, resulting in a reduction in potential sales. And it’s not hard to imagine how this data has potentially increased with the pressure to which online retailers were subjected during the lockdown and in the following months.

In the end, only with a constantly updated analytical insights framework can you identify lost sales opportunities and act as quickly as possible to turn them into profit.

The ECCCSA nominations recognize CPM’s exceptional service to customer and employee experience, and transformative CX approach adopted in response to the COVID pandemic


Barcelona, 6th October 2020 – CPM International Contact Centre, a leading provider of outsourced customer experience and sales solutions, is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted in five categories of the 20th European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA); recognizing industry leaders and innovators in the fields of Customer Experience and Contact Centres.


Under Operational Effectiveness categories, CPM has been shortlisted for Most Effective Management of Peak Demand with our partner New Balance, and for Best Outsourcing Partnership together with our client Harley-Davidson.


In addition, CPM has been selected as finalist for Best Quality Management Team and Best Contact Centre Support Team within Team Awards categories.


From the employee experience side, CPM’s inhouse Learning and Development team has been shortlisted for Most Effective Learning and Development initiative.


“These five nominations are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate our team’s exceptional contribution to the customer experience industry. We work in a fast changing, hectic business environment and we are very proud of our teams’ innovative ways to effectively respond to the new market dynamics driven by the global pandemic. Being an ECCCSA finalist is a prestigious accolade to our strategy of continuous improvement and collaborative partnership. We are extremely excited to be in the final stage, and jointly with our client partners, New Balance and Harley-Davidson.” says Annette John, Leadership Director.


Original finalist shortlist available here.


About the ECCCSA
In its 20th year, the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards (ECCCSAs) is the longest running and largest awards programme in the customer contact industry. The awards recognise organisations across Europe that are leading the way in delivering exceptional service to customers.
Highly regarded for its robust judging process, the ECCCSAs honour organisations that value their people, continually innovate to improve the customer experience, and operate efficiently and effectively.
Being an ECCCSA winner is a prestigious accolade that has proven to raise the profile of the contact centre operation, its capabilities and its stars. The programme is seeing incredible growth with 24 countries participating in 2019 and over 1,300 people attending the awards evening representing the most senior customer experience professionals in Europe, as well as key industry influencers on customer contact.


About CPM International Contact Centre
CPM International Contact Centre is an award-winning provider of omnichannel customer experience solutions. We are part of CPM Group and a member of the Omnicom Network of Companies. We offer boutique and bespoke solutions to our amazing client partners through high skill, customer intimate Customer Experience (CX) and Sales teams; harnessing the power of digital capabilities and human contact in everything we do. Our EMEA hub is based in Barcelona, Spain and we have multiple contact centres in the United Kingdom supporting the UK & Ireland markets. We provide 24-7 global coverage in 26+ languages for international clients spanning High Tech, Consumer Electronics, eCommerce, FMCG, Pharma, Automotive, Travel and Retail industries.



For further information, please contact:


Rachel Doyle | M: +34 638 140 620 | E: |W:
Irene Gras | M: +34 683 112 790 | E:| W:

Discover how to reach your full revenue potential with this proven award-winning formula


We are approaching the last quarter of the year and you are far from meeting your revenue objectives. It’s getting challenging with the new market dynamics driven by the pandemic. Also, in a B2B environment, mastering sales can be much more complex due to scope, scale and extended sales cycles.


You know outsourcing your sales team might help accelerate your results but you’re hesitant on external support.


We’ve got your covered.


With over 30+ years contact centre sales experience working with clients across varying sectors and markets; CPM International Contact Centres have developed unrivalled expertise in creating high performing B2B sales teams, delivering incremental revenue growth of up to 10% in just 3 months. How have we done it? Our strategy formula encompasses people, process, customers, technology, and partnership.


In this article, we will be covering our 5 top components to creating a best in class outsourced B2B sales team and provide you with best practices on how to achieve it.


1. Defining what success looks like: Process definition & improvement

Defining business aims and challenges together is the first step to establish an effective sales process framework and a clear strategy for sales pipeline management. A streamlined framework can promote speed and agility and allows for innovation, constant development, and growth. There are two key considerations at this stage:


  • Effective integration:
    Take a holistic plan to design and optimize processes. A combination of sophisticated technology and a collaborative approach helps build up a dynamic business relationship with your partner. Together, you can develop and interpret insights, perform transparent root-cause analysis, create joint business plans, and execute continuous improvement.


  • Progression and achievement:
    Keep track of performance, productivity and quality to detect issues rapidly and provide the knowledge needed to improve processes. Different data sources including CRMs, web forms, CSAT scores, etc. can be fed into data visualization reports through tools such as PowerBI to provide deep, actionable insights to reach your goals swiftly.


2. Developing your motivated team: People training & performance

People are your most important asset. In particular, in a B2B environment the sales team usually deals with customers who are already subject matter experts, so account managers have to be product savvy and also knowledgeable on business development. Understanding the employee journey is essential to have a highly skilled sales team – from hiring passionate people, onboarding and training, to motivating and empowering professionals.


  • The Training journey:
    An ongoing sales training plan is the basis of your team member’s performance capacity. For this reason, training does not stop at onboarding and brand immersion; a continuous coaching approach with a focus on client’s products, services, and new technologies is critical for enhanced results. Furthermore, as sales is centred around people and building relationships, soft skills such as ability to relate, communicate and actively listen are as just as important focus to drive high performing sales teams.


  • The Talent Development journey:
    Career development, along with a positive work environment and employee engagement strategy are integral to keep the team motivated, retained and driving results. A clear Personal Development Plan (PDP) enables employees to own their career progression, based 100% on meritocracy, with an emphasis on examples of going the extra mile and look for opportunities to add value to client relationships.
    In addition to PDPs, and as a standard with all sales focused programmes, financial incentives are a great way to keep sales team members motivated on closing sales. KPI targets and incentive schemes are typically defined in line with the financial year and can be based on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly payment, subject to each project’s needs. Performance measures encompass results, quality and productivity outputs. Our approach to setting, measuring and financially rewarding performance is simple: does it meet our client’s objectives, does the customer have a good experience and are we creating the right behaviours within our teams?


3. CX equals sales: The Customer journey

Delivering great customer experience results in higher sales conversions. That is why having a customer-centric culture in place is so noteworthy for a sales team. Understanding customer needs helps optimize the customer journey towards a 360 approach where cross-selling and up-selling opportunities can be created. Working on an account management basis can assist the customer journey as the manager can focus on nurturing the customer relationship. It is a more personalised selling process resulting in higher sales and customer satisfaction.


In the B2B environment, only 23 percent of B2B companies have embraced a customer centric approach (Forrester, 2019). However, the growth window of adopting this strategy have been proven to be enormous and it definitely creates competitive edge. What are you waiting for to embrace it?


4. Accelerating informed decisions: Technology & Insights

Whilst the sales process is mostly powered by people skills, technology is a meaningful factor which should not be overlooked. Technology can be used by sales professionals to improve visibility and generate more leads, build a new business pipeline, optimize conversations, nurture and accelerate conversions.


In addition, investing in state-of-the-art technology allows to visualize business impact and its projection to make the right decisions faster. Operational effectiveness is achieved thanks to CRM systems, real time reporting and predictive analysis. Innovative tools should be adopted by sales teams to not only fuel the sales process but also complement and aid in the relationship development approach. For example, tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator have been proven to help speed up the sales cycle by focusing in on the right prospects 90% faster.


5. Great partnership: working together

Outsource your sales team to a partner, not a provider. It is all about a win-win situation in which trust and communication are the foundation.


  • Two-way communication and collaborative approach:
    A solid cooperation between the outsourcing agency and the client will make the sales programme more agile. We recommend working with an open-door policy across both businesses to coordinate and plan together according to transparent objectives and expectations.


  • How client can benefit from the partnership:
    Outsourcing your sales force drives cost efficiencies and increased sales. You will be hiring sales specialists, highly trained and working in an optimised team structure for which scaling is organic and natural. Moreover, experienced sales people keep up with latest trends and have access to tools and tactics needed to thrive in any business climate. External sales teams are not only responsible to provide accountability and reporting but also make recommendations or adjustments, helping to create sustainable sales strategies aligned to your business growth objectives.


B2B sales team



What if you could rely on a trusted partner who knows how to seamlessly employ this winning formula? You will be able to benefit from a high-performing B2B sales team focused on growing your business while leaving you free to get on with what you do best.


Don’t miss out on the competitive advantage of an outsourced B2B sales team and get started with the 5-step strategy today. Contact us at to find out how we can build up a bespoke sales programme tailored to your business objectives and needs.



Sales force outsourcing as a strategic model for agile businesses:  the collaboration between FRoSTA and CPM Italy


The speed required to respond to events has made companies more flexible, leading them to adopt more agile, rapid and dynamic approaches. In this landscape the sales outsourcing represents a strategic solution, as it allows businesses to establish, manage and monitor the direct relationship between costs and results in a flexible, scalable way.


Daniele Castagnini, National Sales Director at FRoSTA and Pierpaolo Bertocco, Managing Director at CPM Italy speak to MarkUP Magazine about the collaboration that brought to the development of an agile organisational model focusing on objectives and results, to achieve greater presence and wider product range and increase FMCG channel monitoring


Watch our video to see how CPM Italy has increased product availability in monitored retail outlets by over 30% in the first year. Working in collaboration at a strategic level to deliver growth plans across Europe, using an agile market and an in-house and outsourced retail field sales force.


The added value of a qualified sales force in an agile business model: the collaboration between Fitbit and CPM Italy


Everything changes and evolves. In a word were companies must adopt an increased flexible approach, both on the structure and on the business strategy, and consumer are increasingly well-informed and demanding, it is necessary to guarantee a field team made up of qualified professionals with a high commitment to the result, but it is also essential to provide regular, comprehensive training to in-store sales teams on a range of constantly evolving topics.


Giovanni Bergamaschi, Regional Director Southern Europe at Fitbit and Pierpaolo Bertocco, Managing Director at CPM Italy, speak about this at Mark-up


 Watch our video to see what Fitbit have to say about their relationship in collaboration with CPM Italy.


On behalf of the whole business, I am delighted to announce that after a rigorous multi- stage tender process, CPM UK has been awarded an exciting new contract working with Samsung Electronics UK.


The contract includes the Television Audio Visual and Digital Appliances field and training teams.   CPM are thrilled and proud to have been awarded such a prestigious contract and to be working with this innovative brand that is truly leading the way in consumer electronics.   This award further strengthens CPM’s position as the number one sales agency across the globe.


The tender process gave CPM a  great opportunity to showcase our ideas, data analytics capability, innovation and above all our award winning talent programmes.   The contract includes the transfer of over 350 employees who will support the Samsung brand in 2020 and beyond, and we can’t wait to get started!  Our mission for Samsung is clear – to drive sales of the Samsung Electronics brand through amazing, personalised consumer experiences and retail staff training.


We are excited to be working with a premium field, training and promoter team and look forward to transferring and welcoming  new employees to our business in 2020.  Samsung joins a portfolio of many leading brands across a broad range of sectors including Technology, FMCG, Retail, DIY, Telco and many more.   At the heart of our success is our People and our continuous focus on acquiring, developing and retaining the very best talent in the industry.  For further information on how we do this and what our people think about CPM then please click here or you can visit for more information on what it’s like working for us.



Karen Jackson

Managing Director, CPM UK


Balance for Better

November, 28th 2019 – Barcelona


CPM Barcelona takes home two Silver awards in Most effective improvement program category and Best quality management team category at European Contact Centre and Customer Experience Awards 2019


We are delighted to announce that CPM’s International Contact Centre in Barcelona took home Silver in the Most Effective Improvement Program Award category and Best Quality Management Team Award category at European Contact Centre and Customer Experience Awards 2019.


The 19th edition of the ECCCSA recognised organisations across Europe that are leading the way in delivering exceptional service to customers. Winners were announced at an awards dinner ceremony held at Evolution venue at Battersea Park in London on the 26th of November.

Following a multi-stage award submission process, which included a face-to-face finalist presentation competing against 9 other shortlisted agencies, CPM’s Airbnb team won the silver medal crediting the projects La Laguna and La La Land project as the most effective improvement program.


Likewise, CPM Airbnb Quality Team won silver medal in the Best Quality Management Team Award category amongst 8 other nominated competitors. This recognition highlights the brilliant job of our Transformation Team in innovating the end to end approach to quality management for Airbnb hosts and guests.


“I am enchanted that our innovative and creative approach to transforming core working processes has been recognized by both our partner Airbnb and by top industry professionals. Effectiveness derives from people-oriented projects and I am proud the team was able to adapt to new circumstances, maintaining engagement and commitment simultaneously driving a focus on the metrics and the drive to excellence. “ said Tom Johnston, Business Unit Director at CPM Barcelona.

Furthermore, we would like to make a special mention to our other CPM Finalists. The nominations recognize the excellence in customer experience delivery, and we are immensely proud CPM is multi accoladed:
• Best outsourcing partnership – Agilent Technologies & CPM
• Best contact centre support team – CPM BCN Talent and development team


About the ECCCSA
As the longest running and largest awards programme in the customer contact industry, the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards (ECCCSAs) recognise organisations across Europe that are leading the way in delivering exceptional service to customers.
Highly regarded for its robust judging process, the ECCCSAs award organisations that value their people, continually innovate to improve the customer experience, and operate efficiently and effectively.
Being an ECCCSA winner is a prestigious accolade that has proven to raise the profile of the contact centre operation, its capabilities and its stars.
Now in their 19th year, the programme is seeing incredible growth with 19 countries participating in 2018 and over 1,200 people attended the awards evening representing the most senior customer experience professionals in Europe, as well as key industry influencers on customer contact.


About CPM International Contact Centre – Barcelona
CPM Barcelona, as part of CPM Group and a member of the Omnicom Group, is an international contact centre delivering outsourced customer experience and sales solutions on an EMEA-wide basis. CPM specialises in the delivery of omnichannel customer engagement solutions for global clients spanning High Tech, Consumer Electronics, FMCG, Retail and Travel industries and currently covers 26 languages across 71 markets.


For further information, contact:
Rachel Doyle | M: +34 638 140 620 | E: |W:


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